Essential Products to Keep Baby Safe

How far would you go to protect your baby? For many parents I know, the answer is “as far as it takes!” Newborns are so helpless, and they depend on us for everything from food to love to security. Here are a few of the essentials you need to keep your infant safe in those key first months of your new baby’s life…

1. Video baby monitor

Our in-laws thoughtfully gave us one of those old-fashioned baby monitors — the giant, white ones that make the crackly noise — as a gift. We didn’t have the heart to tell them we had already bought our own — a sleek, Wi-Fi-enabled video baby monitor that gives us crystal-clear images of our sleeping baby. It also gives us clear audio of any cries or gurgles, all without the crackle and fuzz of the baby monitors our parents used.

Best of all, we can watch the baby from anywhere. The baby monitor sits by our bed, but we can also monitor from the den, using the baby monitor app for our iPads.

2. Boppy supports

I relied on Boppy supports throughout my pregnancy, so it makes sense that I would continue using them for my baby. The Boppy Noggin Nest Head Support comes highly recommended by MomVault, and was a must-have at our house! Babies’ soft heads need proper support, and the Boppy is designed to travel where the baby goes. Place it into a stroller or a bouncy swing to ensure your baby is safe and protected throughout the day.

3. Home security

I live in Raleigh, North Carolina — the beautiful City of Oaks. Raleigh is not known for its crime, and in fact this year crime is at the lowest level since 1976. (You should move to Raleigh!)

However, even with lowered crime levels, there are still thousands of burglaries, forced entries, and assaults in Raleigh every year. With a population of over 400,000, even a 2 percent chance of getting our home broken into is too much. That’s why my husband and I did some research into home security systems before our baby was born. Find a plan that is affordable for you and don’t look back, or over your shoulder.

4. Co-sleeper furniture

I know that there is a large debate on co-sleeping, but for my husband and I, the answer seemed logical: plan for both. Yes, many babies take to the crib right away, but others need co-sleeping on certain tough nights (or every night). The truth is that you are probably going to spend at least one night co-sleeping with your infant — if only to give yourself a bit of much-needed rest — and because of that you need appropriate, safe co-sleeper furniture. Never fall asleep with your baby directly in the bed with you. Instead, use a product such as the Baby Delight Snuggle Nest or the Summer Infant By Your Side Sleeper to keep the baby both close and safe.

5. Baby ID bracelet

Babies are too young to know their name, their address, or their phone number. Yes, you hope you’ll never be in a situation where you lose your baby, but it’s better to plan in advance than be sorry later. We got our baby a beautiful gold ID bracelet with her name and our contact information. When she’s a little older, we’re going to get her some of those awesome temporary ID tattoos so she can stay safe in style. (We’ve got a friend who has a school-aged kid with a peanut allergy, and she says her temporary ID tattoos specifying “peanut allergy” are essential to make sure church groups and summer camps don’t accidentally ruin his day.)

What about you? What are your favorite essential safety products, for when they’re small? And help us prepare for what’s coming next: I’ve heard that toddler-proofing a house is much more complicated than simply putting up hallway gates. (Should I get the toddler leash?) Let us know!

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