Fashion Craft Projects

If your children are big on arts and crafts, then help them spruce up their wardrobes with some fun fashion projects. These projects can help fill up rainy Saturday afternoons and keep your kids’ minds stimulated and creative, all while saving you a little extra money by creating the illusion of new clothes without having to go shopping. These are just a few fashion craft ideas.


Headband decorations

Got a little girl who loves to wear headbands? Jazz up her plain ones by wrapping different colourful threads and strings around the band to create different patterns.


When summer is on its way, you can take old pairs of jeans and get creative with a pair of scissors to make a new pair of shorts or ¾-length jeans. Embellish the pockets and sides with jewels and a glue gun and you’ve got a new item of clothing in no time at all.

T-shirt decorating

Create templates of design or pattern ideas, and then use fabric paint to apply new designs to old, plain t-shirts. Just make sure you put a piece of cardboard inside the t-shirt to protect the back of it from getting paint through where its not wanted.

Make cute hair-ties

Transform a simple elastic band into a fun hair accessory by creating flowers from felt or wool, or simply making ribbons and attaching them to the bands. This is a perfect craft for girly girls who love hair accessories.

Button bracelets

Adorable button bracelets are really simple to make; just take some basic cord and buttons of different colours and shapes of your child’s choosing, and then weave the cord through the button holes. Then tie around your child’s wrist and let her enjoy her unique new jewelry!

Make tie-belts

Take old school ties or some of their dads that he doesn’t ever wear, and transform them into trendy new silk belts to wear with a variety of outfits. Use metal key rings to loop the fabric through and experiment to create a look your kid loves.


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