Fashion Tips For Mums

If you’re a mum, whether new to the game or an old-timer with a big brood of kids, you may have found that you’ve got more important things to worry about than fashion. Between the school runs, chicken pox, nit checks and sleepless nights there’s not always time to stop and think about your clothing, and fair enough. However, taking the time out to look at your wardrobe and consider your personal style can be an important way of caring for yourself as well as your family, and can do wonders for your self-confidence.


Find a great pair of jeans

The right pair of jeans can be a revolutionary find. Use our guide to finding the best fit and make sure you’re flattering your body. Then, pair with cute flats, a pretty top or cool t-shirt and a blazer or comfy jumper and you’ve got a classic look that never goes out of style.


Invest in your underwear

Who really has time for Zumba anyway? Although they might not look so sexy, shapewear that holds in your wobbly bits can be a quick and easy way to update your look without having to hit the gym at all. You’ll look sleeker in your clothes and find that things fit better if you find the right pants.


Throw away the sweatpants

When your trusty tracksuit bottoms are always available, it can be hard to feel motivated to make an effort to try something different on. Ban yourself from sporting clothes unless you’re genuinely planning on exercising or lounging around the house that day, and try and push yourself to wear something you don’t normally.


Get some great flats

What you wear on your feet can do so much for an outfit, and as all mums know, high heels or anything remotely uncomfortable are a no-go when it comes to chasing kids around all day. Look for a pair of flat shoes that are comfortable and well-made but stylish; classic black ballet pumps are always a good choice, while bright colours and patterns can liven up an outfit if you just feel like wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

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