Fathers Day 2014: How to Choose the Perfect Watch For Your Dad

Celebrating our fathers is an age old tradition within the UK and the rest of the world. With Fathers Day coming up in June, you may be stuck as to what to buy the man that has everything. Dads are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for. They have everything and want for nothing, and if your dad is anything like mine, when you ask him what he wants for any celebration (whether that be birthdays, Christmas or Fathers Day) you are met with the same response; “nothing.” While our dads are very good at playing down what they want for gift bearing occasions, you know as well as I do that you are not going to turn up empty handed on Father’s Day. So, if you are in a gift-giving quandary and you have no clue what to buy your father for Father’s Day, then look no further. Buy your dad the ultimate accessory: a classic watch. If you don’t know where to start when buying men’s watches, then keep reading. This guide will inspire and enthral you:

The Lowdown on Watches

Let’s get straight to it, we’re not talking about any old watch here; we are talking about real, quality timepieces. Men love watches and your dad is no different. If you want to buy a present that he is sure to love, buy a watch. A watch is the perfect gift to give to someone who truly has it all. With a multitude of different styles to suit every generation of father, it is not a “cop-out” gift, it’s the perfect gift.

Traditional Dads

Your dad isn’t old, he is vintage. He is traditional. Getting him a ‘funky’ watch is probably out of the question, so you need to think about your dad’s personal style before spending a sizable amount of cash on a classic timepiece. If your dad is more mature, it may be wise to look at leather strapped watches. Leather straps are hard wearing, meaning that he can enjoy his timepiece, time and time again (all puns intended). Opt for classic brown or black tones to ensure that he loves his new wrist decor. Leather straps come with a wide array of different patterns. You can choose classic plain straps, or chic snakeskin-style straps. In terms of face shape, again, it may be advisable to stick to classic round faces. Choose silver tones to ensure that the watch isn’t cheapened by brassy, gold tones. Take a look at the Shinola men’s collection for some serious style inspiration.

Daddy Cool

If your dad is young at heart, or you are buying a Father’s Day gift on behalf of your children for your partner, now is the time for you go wild with the latest designs and trends in wristwatches. Take a look at quirky square faced watches, cool silver metal straps with contrasting gold faces and funky leather straps in white and blue. If your daddy cool likes to be the epitome of ice-cold, then there are some amazing silver, metal strapped watches with contrasting coloured faces. Go for bottle green, icy blue, startling white, vibrant orange or gorgeous black. A colourful watch face can make a big impact and is sure to impress your very own daddy cool.


Body Shape

If your father is heavy-set gent, go for a large round faced watch. Similarly, if your dad is a slender man, a smaller round face will look perfect around his wrist. Thinking about body shape is critical when you are purchasing a watch. A large watch on a slender man will swamp his wrist and look ungainly. Likewise, a tiny watch on a big guy will look ridiculous.

Digital versus Analogue

Digital watches have seen something of a comeback in the last couple of years. The trendsetters have adopted the digital watch and claimed it as a staple of their uniform and trademark, unique style. There isn’t any doubt that a digital watch is the epitome of cool. But, if you want to opt for classic style over fads and trends, it may be wise to invest in an analogue watch. Let’s be honest, digital watches look good, but if you want a chic, classic ‘never-goes-out-of-style’ watch, it’s got to be analogue.

Wearability (Yes, that is a word!)

So, how will your dad wear his watch? It’s important to know where and how the watch is going to be worn, so you can make a sound decision on which watch style will be best for him. After all, your dad probably has a drawer full of watches, each ear-marked for occasional use, daily use and the like. Of course, his new Father’s Day watch will be his new favourite.

Everyday Use

If your dad likes to sport a killer timepiece every day of the week, it may be worthwhile investing in a watch that can take a bit of a beating. If you want to invest in a watch that your dad can wear every day, then you need to think practically. Look for polished, sensible and hardwearing watches. This means opting for classic designs with tough, leather straps. A gorgeous metal strapped watch isn’t going to cut it for everyday wear. You need a rugged design than can transport him from office to bar and still ooze a degree of gravitas.

Weekend Use

Your dad is like every other nine-to-fiver, once he slips off his suit, he is slipping out of his everyday watch too. If you want to find a watch that he can wear at the weekends (and one that he will truly enjoy wearing), this is where you can go wild with style inspiration. Go for metal straps in silver tones for nights out, leather straps for daytime use. Opt for a funky square face (ensure that it the watch face is relatively large on a square faced watch, so the watch does not look too dainty.) Your dad doesn’t have to be the epitome of professional anymore, so this is where you can go crazy with colour. Opt for coloured faces, straps and funky contrasts. He will truly love it.

Dads are your first best friend. Treat him to a classic timepiece and remind him just how much you love him this Father’s Day.

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