Find Your Perfect Jeans

Finding the perfect fitting pair of jeans can completely transform your wardrobe. It can also give you a major boost of confidence, and a whole lot of new ideas for outfits and looks. The trick is to find a pair that works with your body type, not what works best for a model in a catalogue or on a catwalk. Use this guide to help select the right fit for your form.



If you’ve been blessed with curved hips, big breasts and a small waist, jean shopping can be a nightmare. Try a wider leg at the bottom of your jeans, to balance your proportions, with a lower rise in the front but higher in the back to lengthen your torso without going to low in the back. Long inseams will also flatter you.

Straight up and down

If you’ve got a beanpole figure, you should be able to pull off a pair of skinny jeans with no trouble at all. Flared legs will also look good, but avoid any loose cuts or baggy jeans as these will simply drown your figure and make you look boyish.

Pear Shape

If you tend to be smaller on top and broader on the bottom, you’re probably a classic pear shape. Straight leg jeans should be flattering, while skinny legs should be avoided unless you want to really show up your curves or squeeze your jeans into a pair of boots. Higher waisted jeans will lengthen your legs and give you good coverage around the hips and bum.

Apple Shape

For the ladies that carry more weight in the mid-section, high waist jeans can be a godsend for tucking the tummy in, but not all women go in for that trend. Try skinny denims to emphasise your slim legs, and pair with flowy, loose tops for a flattering look.

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