Finding the Best Internet Psychic

The ability to get a psychic consultation at any time is a tempting thought, but unfortunately it can be difficult to find a good internet psychic. No matter what kind of psychic you’re in search of, or what sort of consultation you need, there are a few basic rules for finding a quality psychic online. As you probably know, not all psychics are worth your time or money and some of them are quite frankly fakes. For that reason, you have to carefully choose your psychic based on a number of factors…

Money Doesn’t Always Equal Quality

One of the first things to keep in mind is that an expensive price on a reading doesn’t always mean a quality reading. Use common sense and don’t spend anything more than is in your budget. A Good psychic might charge $40 a reading, or $200, or even more. If you don’t have the money then steer clear of the very expensive ones as they typically offer the very same services. Sometimes psychics charge more because their services are more in-demand, but very in-demand psychics usually have either a lot of reviews on their site, or a large social following.

Check Reviews and Reputation

It is extremely important to try to check out the reviews or reputation of a psychic before you hire them. Many online psychics also work online via websites like The Circle Psychic, in this case the website has verified them in advance, but it’s still a good idea to pay attention to user comments and ratings when available. Any individual psychic should have a web reputation and reviews on their website, or on Yelp. You can usually find individual reviews by simply doing a web search of their name, followed by the type of psychic they are. For example, ‘John Edward Medium’ would bring up John Edward. For a lesser known psychic, this sort of search will also bring up social accounts, forums and discussions about said psychic.

Do They Have a Website Or Social

Checking to see if the psychic in question has an official website or social account is another great way to see if they are any good. These are great ways to tell if the psychic is established and has a good reputation, but not necessary for a good psychic.

Steer Clear of Hotlines and Flashy Websites

One major thing to keep in mind is that if they look like they’re trying too hard to impress you or to make a sale then it might just be a fake. You probably know the type, late night TV commercials, flashing LED banner ads… just steer clear.

Decide What You Want Before You Look

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you decide what you want before you go looking, then you have a better chance of finding the right person. There are many types of psychics, many of whom specialize in specific fields, such as relationships; so you can choose one that suits you. What you have to do is decide what you need and what kind of relationship you want with your psychic. For example, if you just want a quick consultation then you have to do a bit less research than if you want to establish a long term relationship with one psychic.

Use Common Sense

Common sense is very important in all walks of life, but especially on the internet. If you’re choosing a psychic then use your common sense and go into any situation carefully. If something doesn’t seem right then it probably isn’t. Make sure you pay attention and apply a grain of salt when reading any sort of ‘best of’ or ‘top ten’ list and learn how to recognize scammers.

There are hundreds of honest psychics just trying to make a living with their craft, art and skill on the internet but it is important to keep in mind that there are also scammers trying to make a quick buck. If you want a good internet psychic then you have to go into every situation with care, choose a well-established site, and consider checking out the reputation of each psychic before you hire them. Quality doesn’t always cost a lot of money, so you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good reading. Finally, remember that one bad experience doesn’t mean they are all bad. If you run into a fraud, just do better research next time, because there are still plenty of good ones out there.

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Megan Flurry is an astrologist. She currently offers readings via video chat to clients from around the world and she’s more than happy to help you if you’re in need. 

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