Five Easy Water Savings Tips for Your Home

With rising environmental problems and water supplies being drained at a rapid pace, we all understand the importance of saving water and watching our usage. Every home can adopt some easy methods to contribute to a nationwide movement. Here are 5 simple tips to assist in saving this precious resource. Some you can do on your own, while others will require the assistance of a plumber such as Capital Plumbing to implement properly.

Check for Leaky Taps

Leaking taps, showerheads and pipes can be a massive waste of water, with one drip per second adding up to 2,000 litres per month. If there are leaks, have them repaired as soon as possible. Check near your dishwasher, washing machine, under sinks and around heating systems, as well as around your ceiling and your shower. Leaks can be avoided by replacing your washers, not turning your taps off too hard and servicing your toilet. If you discover a leak, have it fixed as soon as possible.

Manual Bucketing

Manual bucketing is actually a form of reusing grey water and is an extremely easy, yet effective way to save and recycle water. A bucket can be placed under your shower flow or in your laundry sink to collect washing water and can then be used to water gardens. You can also reuse the water used to boil, wash or steam vegetables or eggs. Get creative and throw any dropped ice cubes in a pot plant instead of the sink.

Be Mindful in the Bathroom

The bathroom is the area where a huge percentage of your home’s water supply is used, with the shower, bath, toilet and sink all being used by the family daily. Try keeping your showers timed to a few minutes. Be mindful of turning off the taps while you’re brushing your teeth. These two simple ideas can greatly contribute to saving our supplies. Installing dual flush toilets and water efficient taps and showerheads are also great tools to think about if you really want to get serious.

Look for Alternatives Outside

There are many options to save water outside your home as well as inside, in addition to recycling water to use in your gardens. Try washing your car at a carwash or limiting it to a bucket. Try using a broom outside instead of a high pressure cleaner – these cleaners use masses of liquid. Also, if you’re keen on your garden, there are many drought resistant plants, flowers and grasses that will withstand the dry weather while not using an abundance of water.

Kids and Pets

When your kids really want to cool off, take them to the local pool rather than fill up blow up pools which will end up being tipped out. Or if you run the sprinkler, use it in a part of the lawn that needs watering most. Instead of throwing your pets old water down the sink, use it to nourish your garden, getting creative is part of the fun of saving water!

With a bit of thought you can easily save water usage around the house. Put some of these tips into practice and help protect this vital resource.

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