Food To Avoid In Pregnancy

Everybody knows that booze benders and cigarettes are completely off the menu during pregnancy, but there are some other things to avoid that may be less obvious. Certain foods may seem innocent, but could in fact do harm to your baby without you even knowing it. Keep an eye out for these, especially when eating out at restaurants, to ensure that you have the healthiest pregnancy possible.



Although oily fish can be a positive part of your pregnancy diet, providing you and your baby with brain-boosting omega-3, stay away from fish with high levels of mercury, and limit consumption of tuna to no more than a tin or two per week. Stay away from sushi and other forms of raw fish, or stick with the veggie option.



Although eggs can be a great source of protein, they should always be thoroughly cooked through during pregnancy to avoid salmonella poisoning.



Like the eggs, meat also needs to be cooked properly to keep the risk of food poisoning. Now isn’t the time to indulge in pate, cured meats or rare steak, as these could all carry potentially harmful bacteria that may not bother your stomach, but could have an impact on your baby’s health.


Cheese and Milk

The general rule of thumb when it comes to cheese during pregnancy is to stick with the hard stuff and steer clear of anything unpasteurized, so be sure to check your food labels before eating. This often rules out softer cheese like camembert, blue cheese and brie, all of which could cause listeria infection. When it comes to milk, stick with the pasteurised variety and you’ll be sure to keep yourself, and your baby, safe.


Although staying away all of these foods can be tough, try and remember that it’s only for a very short time and that you’ll be able to tuck into all the runny eggs, salami and sushi you want in just 9 months. If you’re ever eating out and unsure of whether a certain ingredient is safe, don’t be afraid to ask the waiter to find out for you. As with all things during pregnancy, better safe than sorry is often the most sensible approach.

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