For Expats: Cost-Friendly Ways To Keep In Touch With Your Loved Ones

One of the most challenging things expats have to face is keeping in touch with their loved ones. A decade ago, they would mourn the loss of friends and family, when the only way to keep in touch was a sketchy internet connection that would often get cut.

Luckily, expats of today are living in the Age of the Internet, so it’s much easier for them than previous generations. However, that still doesn’t mean dealing with a time difference, work, study and other commitments is easy.

Failure to keep in touch can lead to loss of personal satisfaction and home sickness, which can get to a point that you need to go back home rather giving your expat life a chance. There’s something special about loved ones and keeping in touch with them can enrich life regardless of you staying away from home.

You don’t really need to put a lot of effort and investment when it comes to keeping in touch, here are some quick and cost effective ways to nudge friends and family back home with love and care:

Use online conversation methods

If you can get hold of a decent WiFi connection, you can catch up using Skype video chat. It also allows you to load up your credit and enjoy affordable phone calls to landlines. Another thing you can do is write personal emails (keeping it to a few paragraphs) and get your loved ones excited about their inbox.

Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can be used to show your life as an expat to those who you care about most, and you can also see big moments back home, such as weddings, babies, etc. It’s a good way to make them feel that they’re still a part of your everyday life and vice versa.

Make occasions count

You might not be able to mark your physical presence on special occasions, but you can still treat your friends and family with special messages. These days, Hallmark has funny ecards that can be sent to any address in the world so you don’t have to spend on ink, pen, paper, envelope and stamp. You can use such sites to design and personalize messages for any special occasion, be it birthday, Valentine’s, or Christmas.

Don’t assume that your friends and family will be expecting a card on a special occasion. Sending them your wishes is a good first step, but being more personal and thoughtful will make them feel more jolly and comfortable. They won’t feel like they’re stepping on your toes when it comes to remembering them on occasions, and you get to make them happy with minimal effort.


Sending gifts is an exciting way to show love and stay connected with your loved ones. You can use your PayPal account to send gifts to family; you just have to order small gifts online, or you can use social networks to send virtual gifts if you’re short on budget. You can also consider making DIY gifts and sending a snail mail.

There is no need to send expensive gifts, you’ll be amazed how a simple cake or a bunch of flowers can bring a smile on their faces. Send little notes about your life as an expat along with the presents to make them even more special.


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