Four reasons to choose summer escape pools




When summertime comes, bringing with it its intense heat and humidity, people are looking to take a break from their garden and yard work and take a dip in the water. For that purpose there is no better type than the summer escape pool, the kind that is temporarily set up in the yard during the summer and then taken down for the season. Outlined below are four reasons why you should choose them above all other kinds.



1) They are least expensive.



A summer escape pool is much less costly than a full-size above-ground pool, often costing little over $100. This is because the latter requires much more elaborate materials, including stone and concrete, whereas the former has its walls constructed out more delicate ones such as vinyl. Of course this also means that they can be torn more easily, and over time, with constant use, they often do, but you can repair them with nothing more than a vinyl patch kit and some waterproof vinyl adhesive. Many newer pools are made from more durable substances such as triple-layer PolyLaminate PVC and have polyester inner mesh sidewalls.


The accessories, including leg caps, filter pump gaskets, filters, motors and various pins and leg parts, are also easy to obtain. Even some motors cost less than $100!



2) They are most convenient.



Just as it is made of less complex materials than a full-size pool, so too a summer escape pool is easier to set up. It is meant to be so since after all you will have to put it up at the beginning of each summer and taking it down at the end. If the need should arise, replacement parts can always be purchased at any hardware store. Another convenience that these pools offer is their size: There are those that are only 60″ × 15″. Such pools take up comparatively little space on the property so there is no need to do much complex preparation of the ground before setting them up. During the winter, too, they can be compacted and stored away.


Flexibility is another plus. Summer escape pools come in many different sizes and can be adapted to any site. The fact that they can be set up anywhere means they can be in a place where they do not get in the way of mowing and other yard work. Backyard Ocean has Summer Escapes pool filters and summer escape pool for which the installation is especially hassle-free.


The filter for a summer escape swimming pool is uniquely designed for that type. It has a skimmer weir door into which leaves and other debris enter before passing through a removable debris basket and from there through a filter cartridge. A return hose with an adjustable nozzle makes for optimum water circulation.



3) They are easy to keep clean.



Another important element in the convenience of escapes pools is the ease of cleaning and maintaining them. A pool that is permanently set into the structure of the grounds or building has to be kept clean even when it is not in season, otherwise dirt, rainwater and debris will accumulate in the water, thus contaminating the pool and making it unhealthy to use. This problem can be taken care of by putting a cover over the pool; many even come with one that is built in and can be put on or removed with the touch of a button. However, they must still be churned and cleaned every once in a while to keep them usable. (Some friends of mine once asked me to use their pool while they were out of town in order to stir up the water.)



4) You can enjoy them from the comfort of your own house.



The final advantage of a summer escape pool is that whenever you feel hot and wish to cool yourself off, you can do so right in your own backyard. This is really a great thing to have if the nearest lake or public swimming pool is miles away and walking there is out of the question. You can also invite some friends to come over and share the enjoyment of the pool with them.


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