From Shacks and Crowded Bedrooms to Mansions: The Surprising First Homes of the Stars

We are used to seeing images of celebrities living in giant mansions with swimming pools and a fleet of expensive vehicles outside but most of them started off in far more humble houses. If you have ever wondered where some of your favourite stars lived before they became rich and famous then here are a few examples of the types of house some of them lived in.

Michael Jackson – 10 Children Cramped into a Bedroom

The most interesting thing about Jacko’s first house is the fact that it was so small. For a family with 10 children, living in a tiny 3 room home must have been difficult. Apparently the parents slept in one bedroom and all of the brothers and sisters slept in the other one. This house is still standing in Gary, Indiana. You can’t take a tour of this place but you can stand out on the street and look at it. Otherwise, you could look up some online photos and videos of it if you don’t want to go all the way to Gary to look at the outside of a small house.  It certainly isn’t anything like the late star’s fabled estate at Never Land. Would you buy something as ostentatious as Never Land if you had the money having grown up in such cramped conditions?

John Lennon – Stuck in the 60s but Recently Sold

You already know that John Lennon grew up in Liverpool but do you know exactly where? His first house was a rather pleasant red brick terraced building in Newcastle Road, Wavertree. He lived here until the age of 5, before he went to live with his aunt and uncle in a different home. This first house was recently put for auction with an expected sale price of up to £250,000 but sold for £480,000. An anonymous US based Beatles fan splashed out for it with a phone bid during an auction held at the Cavern Club in 2013. The previous owner said that he had retained a lot of the original features from the 60s in the property. You can’t visit this house but you can visit his second home, which is a Grade II listed building in Woolton.

Elvis Presley – From a Tiny Shack to a Sprawling Estate

Elvis was born in Tupelo in Mississippi and his first home has been described as a shack which was built by this father. It must have been built pretty sturdily though, as it still stands to this day. In fact, if you are passing through this part of the world you can pop in and see the modest home, which has been turned into a museum with a gift shop. After this the family moved to Memphis and lived in a number of different small rented homes. He used his first earnings from his songs to buy a property at 1034 Audubon in Memphis, which is a popular destination for his fans even now. Of course, his final home and place of death was the famous Graceland estate. This is where he and his parents are buried and where many people visit every year to see how the King lived and died. You might never live in a house with a room as wild and crazy as the Jungle Room but hopefully you will find your ideal home at some point. If you do but struggle with the repayments then you might find that re-financing it with someone like the Clydesdale Bank helps you save money while living in your dream home.    

Paul McCartney – Lots of Different Houses Early in Life

We’ve already seen about John Lennon’s first home but what about the other most famous Beatle? Paul McCartney is another celebrity who moved about a lot when he was a kid. His first family home was at 10 Sunbury Road in Walton, although there doesn’t seem to be anything interesting or remarkable about it. Later on in life he famously bought an estate in the Mull of Kintyre and inflicted a rather awful song of the same name on the world. All reports suggest that this was his happiest home but he appears to have stayed away from it since his wife Linda died.  As for the other Beatles, both George and Ringo were born at home, with George’s first house being notable for not being too far away from Penny Lane.

Justin Bieber – Moving into a Multi-Million Dollar Pad at 18

I know little about this singer but the fact that at 18 he paid $6.5 million for his first ever home caught my eye. Some people at that age are starting to think about getting a small mortgage or renting but Justin splashed out on a stunning mansion. Of course, this is the first home he has owned rather than the first one he lived in. The honour of being his first home falls to a property in Stratford, Ontario. He also recently bought his family a new multimillion dollar property. The house he grew up in looks like it was a nice detached property but nowhere near a big or as luxurious as the places he and his family now live in.

Morgan Stewart is a mortgage expert who has lived in a number of houses and has very fond memories of all of them.

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