Gardening with Kids

Keeping your kids entertained can sometimes be a challenge. Especially when they’re little, children are curious, eager to learn new things and love to play outside. It’s important to encourage them to get out and explore the natural world around them, so why not try gardening? Gardening can be a perfect activity for the whole family to enjoy together, so get outside and get digging.

Give your child his own special garden plot. Keep a small area of the garden separate especially for your little one to grow his own plants, flowers and vegetables. Make sure it’s a good spot and that the soil is of a decent quality so that he can succeed from the start.

Pick the right plants. Try and select seeds and bulbs that guarantee good results. Sunflowers are a perfect choice for children as they grow quickly and to dizzy heights; your kids will love watching their creation shoot up and tower over them. Encourage your child to make some of their own choices too in the garden centre or online so that they’re growing what appeals to and interests them.

Grow your own snacks. Lettuce, tomatoes, snow peas, strawberries and radishes are all fairly straightforward to grow and offer an opportunity for your child to bring their own healthy food to the table. You can incorporate an ever-important nutrition lesson into the activity and your child gets to feel pride at having contributed to the family meals.

Encourage learning while they play. Depending on their age, teach your child about the process behind the fun of gardening. A full on science lesson isn’t necessary, but explain photosynthesis and the ways in which the seed becomes the plant in basic terms to your child and they’ll appreciate the beauty of what they’re exploring even more.

Get down and dirty. Don’t just leave the digging to the kids and then hide inside. Get on your hands and knees with them and help out; this can be a really rewarding bonding experience for your whole family. There’s always bathtime afterward to deal with the mess!

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