Get Cooking! Teaching your Kids How to Cook

Rainy days at home can be dull for your little ones, and if you’re out of ideas they can end up filled with TV and tantrums. To keep them amused and learn some handy life lessons, get your kids into the kitchen. Many children love to get involved in the process of cooking, either following the recipes you choose or making their own crazy concoctions. This can be a wonderful opportunity to play, learn and get creative.

  • Be Prepared!


Invest in some family cookbooks and do some research online to find recipes that are going to be fairly easy, fast and that they’ll enjoy eating afterwards. Ensure that the recipes you’ve picked are age appropriate and suit your child’s ability level. Have your ingredients and equipment ready to go so you’re well prepared and can remain calm if things get chaotic! If there are a few of you in the kitchen, assign roles to each child to keep things organised.


  • Get Your Tools Ready


Invest in some kid-friendly cooking kits for your family so that your children have their very own dishes, measuring sets and cutlery. This can be especially fun for baking; there are plenty of cute baking bundles for kids available so each child can have their own patterns and tools to work with.


  • Learning Through Play


The kitchen can be a great place to introduce new ideas to your children. Nutrition is an easy topic to explore while discussing your recipes with them and preparing food together. Explain what each component of the meal is used for by the body and what makes a balanced meal. Weighing and measuring out ingredients can also be a good opportunity for some maths, so depending on their age, encourage your kids to do the number work themselves.


  • Expect a Mess


Get the kids kitted up in aprons and tie hair back; today’s not the day for their Sunday best.

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