Get Out and Enjoy Nature

If you find yourself not getting out into nature enough, what are you planning to do about it?

For some, their work and family commitments leave little time to enjoy nature. As a result, they miss out on all the fun and educational opportunities out there.

So that you can do more to bond with nature, take some time and see all that is around you.

Even if you live right in the city, there are likely woods, lakes and beaches, animal life and more within a drive.

That said are you ready to get out and see what you’ve been missing?

Your Choices Abound

In trying to decide how you can best bond with nature, keep some of these ideas in mind:

  1. Out on the water – What better way to see nature than sailing, surfing, and even the best whale watching? If you opt for the last choice, note that you can’t get much closer to nature than that. Seeing majestic whales and acrobatic dolphins right in front of you can be fun for everyone on the boat. Once the day is over, you will have a lifetime of memories to set sail with.
  2. Hiking different trails – If you want to get up close to nature, hiking is a great means to go about that. Even if you do not live near woods or trails, you likely have hiking options within a reasonable distance. With hiking, make sure you have a comfortable pair of shoes and the right clothing for the day. Hiking in the summertime can mean heat and humidity depending on where you live and the time of day you go hiking. Be sure to dress for the conditions, along with taking plenty of water with you. It is also a good idea to have your cell phone with you in the event of an emergency.
  3. Your local zoo – Although you may have wildlife near you, the nearest zoo is a great source of seeing animals. Find the best time of the year to visit your area zoo or one nearby when you are traveling across the country. Some animals pretty much stay hidden in their homes during the day. As such, you may want to go later in the day or even early evening in the summer to see them come out. If you have children, the zoo is a great way to show them wildlife in some cases for the very first time.


Record the Fun

Even if you are going out for a hike, be sure to have a camera with you to capture the fun. You never know when you’re going to come across some animals or beautiful sunsets along the way.

Like whale watching, you may want to consider joining at meet-up group to go hiking with. Although everyone needs alone time, hiking and other events with people can be fun.

Last, no matter the activity you choose, have fun with it.
Given you likely work long hours, it is great to have a whale watching, group hike, or trip to the zoo with your kids’ day.

So, are you ready to get out and enjoy more of what nature has to offer?

Photo credit:Stig Nygaard on Flickr. CC-BY-2.0.

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