Getting Your Kids To Eat Their 5 A Day

We all know that you’re supposed to get 5 servings of fruit and vegetables in every day, but when it comes to day to day living, sometimes these rules can fall by the wayside. When it comes to your children’s health, it’s especially important to try and keep them on track with a healthy, balanced diet. This can be a struggle, especially if you’re the parent to a fussy eater. Help your child get their 5 a day, everyday, with a few easy tips.


Encourage snacking

Although snacking can cause issues with kids if the foods on offer are salty, high fat or sugary concoctions, putting a big bowl of grapes by the TV or offering up carrot sticks as an after-school munching snack can lead to them chewing away on a portion of their 5 a day without even realising it. If your kids don’t like eating raw vegetables straight, try getting them to dip celery, carrots, pepper or whatever they like best in hummus or a healthy home-made dip.


Make a chart

Children love charts and a bit of competition, so try putting up a fruit and veg count chart on your fridge and sticking in stars or pictures when they eat one of their servings. Extra stickers can be rewarded for the child that gets to the end of the week with a full chart.


Hide the vegetables

If your children are very fussy, they may respond better to veggies that have been disguised in some way within something they like. It’s easy to add lots of veg to a portion of pasta with the sauce disguising the flavour, and home made pizzas can be a fun way to add healthy toppings while enjoying something delicious.


Make it enjoyable

Encourage your kids to enjoy fruit and vegetables by making them fun. Arrange the food on the plate in a silly or pretty way; try smiley faces or flowers made of fruits and vegetables and see how they respond differently to the food.

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