Going Back to School? Check Out These Awesome Backpacks

Thinking about choosing the right backpack for back-to-school isn’t what some people would necessarily call guy stuff, but it’s a fact of life, nonetheless. Going back to school means that kids will require sturdy, good backpacks that will stand the test of time—or at least the test of a whole school year. These days, it can be hard to really understand what kids need in a good backpack for their return to school. You can always check out FatalDose.com for more information on this topic. For now, though, check out these awesome backpacks for your kids’ back-to-school needs.

The Fjallraven Kanken Backpack

The Fjallraven Kanken Backpack is just what your child needs to go back to school while also making a splash. It features a nicely reflective logo patch as well as a front zip pocket. Its patch side pockets provide kids with convenient and easy access to all the essentials they need for a productive and educational school year. The top of the backpack is secured by a two-way and wraparound zip. The backpack’s deep interior patch pocket is reinforced by the backpack’s removable foam panel. Finally, the backpack also features double handles as well as shoulder straps that you can adjust.

The Meredith Wendell Backstroke Backpack

This is a color-block backpack, which means that it is so much more than just multi-colored. It features a color scheme that is divided into different blocks of color, providing a refreshing splash of vibrancy to normally dull backpacks. It’s the perfect backpack for someone who wants to stand out and show everyone their true colors! Making a highly playful impression via resilient nylon material, it features several practical essentials that will make any student’s life much easier. It comes outfitted with a short handle, a zip pocket, and shoulder straps that can be adjusted for comfort. Over its canvas-lined, three-pocket interior, a flap closure and drawstring provide security for textbooks, pencil cases, and calculators.

The Mossimo Supply Co. Backpack

This backpack, which features a brilliant cabbage pattern, is ideal for kids who need to carry all their must-haves during an average school day. It comes complete with both zippered exterior and interior pockets that are perfect for organizing one’s school essentials. Featuring adjustable shoulder straps, this backpack makes for easy carrying. The good news is that it possesses an exterior cotton shell and an interior lining that features polyester and cotton. For peace of mind, the zippers on the backpack ensure that a student can enjoy secure closure. These are the awesome backpacks that kids should be on the lookout for when they go back to school this September. Even though gadgets like smartphones and the like are all the rage, nothing can replace the basics of a backpack! A backpack keeps kids’ essentials safe and sound as they go from one classroom to the next during any given school day. Kids will get a good balance of stylish appearance and function with the backpacks on this list. If you’re curious and would like to check out some other cool guy stuff, you can find more on FatalDose.com.

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