Great Gift Ideas for Boys This Holiday Season

With the holiday season right around the corner, everybody’s starting to think about what to gift family members in the upcoming months. To get a head start, BluePromoCode has some gift ideas for the growing boys of the family (and men: check out that list here), and some exclusive coupons to get your started.

Buy an RC vehicle… that won’t break!

RC cars, planes, and boats are great gifts for kids: it gets them playing outside, and lets their imaginations run wild as they fly and drive all over the yard (plus it keeps them out of your hair for longer periods of time). Problem is, they’re expensive and they break pretty easily: unless they’re part of HobbyTron’s ‘unbreakable’ line of RC helicopters. With extra protection against the tornado-like qualities kids possess (and with one of our HobbyTron coupons in your hands), their durable RC lines make a great, affordable holiday gift option.

Hit the Disney store for some official apparel
Just about every kid loves Disney and has their favorite character: and the easiest place to find anything related to that film and character can be found in the official Disney shop. Even if you don’t know exactly what to look for, their massive marketplace is bound to carry dozens of different piece of clothing and memorabilia they’ll love. And it doesn’t have to break the wallet, either: snag a Disney Store promo code on your way out and make it an affordable holiday season this year.

Get a GameFly membership, and shop their new/used game section

Priced at $60 or more apiece, games can be an very expensive hobby: but with services like GameFly, it doesn’t have to be. Let’s be honest with ourselves: kids get bored with games after a few weeks, especially when there is something new and exciting always waiting around the corner. With the ability to rent two games at a time, kids will always have the titles they want to play – and once they’ve grown tired of them (whether it takes a week or three months), GameFly will be waiting for the game to return to send the next title on your personal queue right to your front door. If renting isn’t your thing, don’t worry: GameFly also has a huge selection of new and used games shoppers can always have delivered right to their front door. Armed with a GameFly coupon from our store page, this is an easy way to save big on hot titles right now, sparing your wallet and ensuring you won’t be searching around at every retailer at the last minute, looking for that last elusive copy of the hottest title.

Best Buy + Best Buy coupon = big savings on home technology
Whether it’s a TV, PlayStation 4, stereo system, or Blu-ray player you’re looking to get the little man of the house this winter, Best Buy has you covered (check out our Insider’s Guide for an extensive look at ways to save on their site). And so do we: with one of our exclusive Best Buy coupons, buying a shiny new piece of home technology can easily be done, on just about any budget.

Gift a Club Penguin membership
For kids who love the computer, a Club Penguin membership is a great gift: it ensures that kids will be doing something useful online, even when they’re playing games or socializing with their friends. With 20 different educational games to play, no ads to speak of, and a safe virtual world for kids to interact in, one can rest easy knowing that this holiday gift won’t just be time wasted: and with a Club Penguin coupon, it won’t be expensive, either.

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