Home Re-Design… On a Budget?

Revamping your home doesn’t always come cheap, especially if you have expensive tastes and can’t afford the budget to match! The good news is, there are many ways in which you can redesign your home without spending a fortune, and it doesn’t always mean having to invite the painters and decorators in either.

Here are six ways to achieve the design you want, without breaking the bank:

1. Reinvent your furniture
You don’t always have to buy new furniture to transform your space. If you’re thinking of replacing your coffee table or wardrobe, think again. Use your imagination and reinvent it. You’ll be surprised at just how different it can look with a little care and attention. Painting your furniture a different colour, adding a beautiful piece of fabric or replacing knobs and handles can give tired old pieces a new lease of life. Buy comfortable and affordable beds at http://www.divancentre.co.uk.

2. Do it yourself
If you’re working to a strict budget, don’t hire others to do the things that you could do yourself. You can save a lot of money by taking on some simple projects: painting, tiling, laying a new floor, sewing curtains, and if you don’t know how, there’s likely to be a friend or family member who can help.

3. Shop second hand
Rather than head straight for the department stores, shop in local charity stores and vintage boutiques or go online to auction sites. According to research given to Marketing Week, a third of consumers are now buying more second-hand items than they were a year ago. Whether you’re looking for accessories for your bedroom, a new mirror for the living room or a brand new dining room table, this is a great way of finding unique pieces at a bargain price.

4. Be smart with accessories
Accessorising doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Purchasing some small decorative items like a new clock or a lamp, a vase with some artificial flowers or some artsy coasters, can really add those finishing touches to a room. You could even put up a screen to divide a room and change its shape. Indoor plants are also affordable and add living energy to any room. According to The Telegraph, spider plants and cheese plants absorb pollutants and can help to improve the air quality within your home.

5. Move everything around
By moving your furniture around, you can dramatically improve the look and feel of a space, and even better, it’s totally free! Remember that you can also move furniture into other rooms in your home, and this could help to create more space. Consider changing photo frames and wall hangings around too for a new perspective.

6. Utilise photographs
If you can’t afford to paint or wallpaper an entire room, why not make use of that box of photographs you keep stored away in the attic? Create a collage of your favourite photos and create your own memorable feature wall, or even use them to tell a story. You can pick up affordable photo frames in second hand stores, car boot sales and on online auction sites.


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