Home Renovation: The Importance of Scaffolding, Formwork and Shoring

With a growing safety consciousness in the construction industry, safety standards have been translated to the home renovation realm. Here are some important things you should know before your next home renovation.


Scaffolding has long been used to help provide safe access for the purposes of building and decorating any structure that is taller than the workmen working on it. Gone are the days of hanging precariously off the side of a ladder while making renovations! Scaffolding is raised platforms or ramps that allow safe access to the renovation area as well as a way to access and transport building materials. Scaffolding can be hired so home renovators can easily adhere to safety standards. Companies like Mabey Hire offer hire and delivery.

Scaffolding consists of steel pipes that are fastened securely. Aluminium is also used as it is lighter, although it is only two thirds as strong as steel. Aluminium scaffolding is initially more expensive than its steel counterpart. Scaffolding is set up to support four times the maximum load it is designed to carry. Scaffolding consists of the uprights, which extend up from the ground or a solid support; the bearer which acts to support the work platform; and the runners which traverse between the uprights.


Formwork is used as mould to create concrete structures where the soil or other structural components are not adequate. It moulds and holds the shape of freshly placed concrete. Formwork needs to be in place before the concrete mix arrives for placement.

Formwork comes in a variety of forms. Traditional timber formwork is built from timber and plyboard. It is quite cheap to produce but can be time consuming to construct. It is best for use where labour costs are low so can work well for home renovations.

Formwork can also be engineered from prefabricated modules consisting of a metal (steel or aluminium) frame. This formwork is very quick to assemble using a modular systems pin clip or screw system. Modular framework is also very hardy, in fact, it is almost indestructible.

Reusable plastic formwork is also available. This is made up of interlocking modular pieces and is very good for simple concrete structures. It is a lightweight option and is also extremely robust.


Shoring is used in multi-story home renovations. It acts to support freshly placed concrete when lower stories may not yet be sufficiently strong to hold carry the load of construction. Construction loads can often exceed the load lower stories are designed to carry by a large amount, making shoring very important. Structures will gain strength with time to set.

Shoring needs to be used to provide the necessary capacity to support the load being imposed by construction. Shoring should ensure loads are sufficiently support to make sure that no excessive stress or force is carried by lower stories. There are many variations of shoring but the simplest and most likely for home renovations is based on the clamping device which allows the overlapping of two 2 x 4 members.

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