How a change of look can give your life a boost

As you move through life your personality continues to evolve, but you may settle on a style that doesn’t reflect who or where you are in life.

A change can make you feel more positive, feeds the soul and gives you a boost in confidence. This can transform how you interact with people and how others see you.

Discover your true self with these steps and soon you will start feeling and acting like a completely new person.

Change your wardrobe

Get rid of anything that no longer suits the look you are trying to achieve. You might uncover some hidden gems that can be bought back to life by pairing it with something new.

Figure out your budget and the basics you are looking for. Don’t be afraid to pay a little extra for well-made and high-quality items that will last.

No more glasses

Glasses may suit you. However, if you struggle without glasses when putting on makeup, in the shower or when playing sports then it might be time to consider laser eye surgery. Talk to a specialist about your suitability and what the procedure involves before you make a decision.

New hairstyle

New hair doesn’t always mean a visit to the salon.

Create a weekly ritual where your tresses are pampered with a deep conditioning mask. Experiment with how you wear your parting as this can change the way it frames your face. Thinking of trying the beach-ready look, or maybe something a bit demure? You can achieve many different hairstyles at home.

If you have the budget then a hairdresser will help you decide on the perfect colour and style that reflects your individuality.

Luminous skin

Achieve a soft, dewy look with the right choice of foundation for your skin. BB Cream is the perfect choice for creating a healthy and luminous look, and evens out your complexion. Apply a liquid luminizer to give your skin extra glow.

Energised eyes

If you’re up all night with kids then your eyes will probably show it. Reduce the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles with a hydrating cream. Invest in a good under-eye concealer that’s lighter than your own complexion.

Eat well and exercise

It’s okay to indulge in an occasional treat, but if you start taking care of what’s inside then it will be reflected on the outside and give you more energy. You don’t have to undertake a diet overhaul, just remember the basics. Eat breakfast; drink plenty of water and to eat your fruit and vegetables.

Exercise gives you an endorphin kick so take a walk after dinner or start an evening class.

Life is short

Life is short so don’t save your best self for special occasions. Adapt and change who you are depending   where you are in life. As Allan Karl said in his 20 Reasons Why Change is Good blog post: “Change is learning. Learning is growing. Growing is living. So live.”


Photo credit: poolski on Flickr.

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