How Life Coaching Can Help You

When we’re born, life is handed to us warts and all, a world of wonderful events and gut-wrenching situations, looming decisions and truly unforgettable moments that become pivotal to our formative years. This existence is not informed by a guide book or a universal to-do list, and while some of us a natural born decision makers, there are those with other strengths though none of the foresight of the organised. Sometimes we just need a shoulder to cry on, an ear to bash, the comforting weight of a non-judgemental sounding board as we search for goals in a din of questions. Sometimes we just need to talk, in order to figure out what we have to say in the first place. Life coaching is not a quick fix or a band aid solution, but a path of self-discovery, aided by an impartial assistant and the benefit of their life experience. Think of it as meditation for the soul, a reconnection of the heart and mind to discern what you need and want.

A Present Focus

Life Coaching draws a client into the now – not the past, not the future, the now. By removing time definitions and emotional crutches, you are encouraged to address the issues and anxieties currently holding you back, or conversely, acknowledge the successes of your life. After recognising your location in the scheme of your own spectrum, life coaching empowers you to draw parallels between feelings, fears and desires, pulling into focus what you need or want to achieve in the future. This identification of subjectivity allows you to realise its negative or positive potential and make decisions based on logic, rather than emotional spontaneity or desperation.

Goals Far Ahead

After concentrating on the present, life coaching challenges your mind to formulate goals based on actions that are immediately achievable, will be achievable and those you’d like to see come to fruition, provided you follow the plan you’ve set in motion. By identifying the areas of wanting in the previous stage, a life coach poses provocative and often confronting questions, issuing feedback based on what you have told them; though this may seem harsh compared to the friendly methods of our loved ones, this honesty will allow you to see clearly where you’re headed – if it’s not to your liking, a life coach will assist you in mapping out a new route and practice a series of questioning techniques to help you to get the best out of your goals.

Redefine Your Life

For most of your life, you’ve governed what you say and what you do by a set of pre-determined values and norms, often set by your parents and other influential parties, during your younger years. And while people may change with time and experience, they rarely take a step back and deconstruct their beliefs into arguable chunks, critically appraising the basis of their social and professional direction. A life coach will assist you in disassembling the foundations of what makes you, you, rebuilding and re-positioning each segment into a stronger position.

While life coaching is not beneficial for everyone, companies like Talking Minds Australia offer non-intrusive processes for the uncertain or uninitiated; don’t be discouraged by the amount of introspection you will undertake, it is truly a liberating experience. Don’t feel the need to push yourself into it if you’re not ready, but don’t you deserve a listening, honest ear opposed to an agenda fuelled gamut of advice?

Ricky Bennett is an avid reader and writer of self help education. He has the hope that what he writes will help those he reaches. 

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