How To Find the Right Music Teacher for Your Child

Whether you live in the city, town or countryside, it’s usually difficult to find a good, qualified independent instructor for your child, especially when it comes to music instruction.

Music is a complex field of learning. Not only does it require discipline, but a creatively stimulating environment in which to nurture a child’s musical instruction, much of which has to do with finding the right teacher for your child.

If you’re looking for a good music teacher for your child, you may want to consider the following tips on finding an instructor that is both qualified and comfortable with one on one instruction with children.


The first step in looking for the ideal music instructor for your child is to do research. You may want to start searching in online directories or search engines; you can usually find quality, top tier instructors by looking online.

It’s also possible to become overwhelmed by search results, especially if you live in a populous metropolitan area like New York. If so you can often find an instructor through referrals. You can ask your neighbors, friends or even your child’s school to refer you to a qualified music instructor. If there aren’t people you can get referrals from, there are great services that will help you find quality violin, cello, clarinet or even piano lessons in New York.

Make a List

Once you generate a list of referred music instructors, you may want to weed out the candidates by only considering teachers within a specific price range and/or distance. Once you condense your list, explore their professional websites or social media pages for further information that will help you shorten the list.

Interview With the Instructor

You’ll want to set a time to meet with your child’s potential music teachers. It’s recommended for your child to also be present in the meeting.

Be aware that most teachers adhere to a strict schedule, especially if they have other students. Check their availabilities and get a feel of their schedules. You may also want to ask about their education, credentials or professional experience.

Ideally, you’ll want to set your child up with a teacher that will be with him/her every step of the way, meaning that the instructor should be able to teach a wide variety of music levels, from beginner to expert.

Every instructor has his/her methods of teaching. If it’s a good method, they’ll be able to articulate their ideas and teaching styles and explain their effectiveness. If not, move on to the next teacher on the list. You want to find a music teacher that follows a curriculum.

What Is Asked Of You

In the interview, ask the instructor what he/she expects from you as a parent. Some teachers require collaboration with the parent when it comes to independent home instruction. You must consider whether or not you’ll have the time to supervise home instruction.

Interview With the Parent

Don’t be surprised if the teacher has questions for you and your child; after all, he/she’ll be the one instructing your child. An instructor has the responsibility to verify whether a student is willing to learn or whether he/she is being pushed into it. Many instructors will usually only take students with an affinity for or interest in music.


Once you consider costs, location, qualifications, professionalism and needs, now it’s time to come to a consensus with your child. Ask your child which instructor he/she is most comfortable with.

With a reduction in arts classes in public schools, more and more parents are opting to take their children to independent music instructors. By following the  aforementioned tips, not only will you be able to find an amazing music teacher for your child, but you’ll also be able to help your son/daughter expand their minds creatively, a cornerstone in child development.

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