How To Finish Every Essay On Time

Whether you’re in high school or studying in the big leagues at college, you’ll be no stranger to deadlines and last minute essay panics. Much as we all may hate them, deadlines are a persistent feature of student life and they can’t be ignored or wished away. The trick to dealing with deadlines is to get every assignment done well before the night before that intimidating date arrives, saving yourself from the stress and worry that comes with a rushed essay.
Here are some quick tips to hone your study skills down to a fine art. Follow these and you’ll never miss a deadline again.

Make A Schedule

When you’re presented with an assignment and a deadline, you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to be done or the subject matter you’re dealing with. Try not to panic- if you plan your time wisely you should be more than prepared when the time comes to turn the paper in.
Make yourself a structured timetable that includes your classes, commitments and extracurricular activities, as well as any social events that you’ve planned. Be realistic about how much time you can spend productively studying every day and timetable these study blocks in. Make sure you leave scheduled times for breaks and meals, and that you give yourself space to get enough sleep and practice good self care.
If the essay or project that you have planned is fairly lengthy or requires a substantial amount of research, break the assignment down into more manageable chunks so that you can focus on each section at a time. This will save you from feeling overwhelmed and becoming burned out.

Plan & Structure

These two words are crucial to the success of any essay. All the research in the world won’t get you the best grade if you neglect to plan your essay carefully and give it a solid, readable structure.
Once you’ve completed the reading, give yourself time to create a fairly detailed plan for how you’re going to tackle the essay. Organize your notes to pick out the most important points, and plan your structure around these ideas.
Once your plan is developed, you should have a sound structure for your essay. In its most basic form, your structure should include an introduction, body and conclusion, with each paragraphing presenting a new point that logically follows on from the last.

Leave Time To Proofread

Proofreading is an absolutely vital stage in the essay writing process, and it’s important that you give yourself the time before the deadline arrives to check over your draft, editing your work and refining your argument. Read your essay over carefully multiple times, keeping an eye out for any spelling errors or grammatical issues.

Have A Back Up Plan

If all else fails, you always have other options. We’ve all had times where the days speed by more quickly than we realize and before we know it, the deadline has arrived. If you’re not as blessed with organizational skills but definitely need to hit a deadline on schedule, try a site like They can help you get your essay in on time without spending all night in the library.

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