How To Grow Long, Healthy Hair

Many of us pine over long, healthy hair, but have no idea how to grow our locks out without facing dryness and damage along the way. It is possible to get the long look while avoiding dull, frizzy or thin hair, as long as you follow a few easy tips from the experts.


Keep It Trimmed

It may seem counter-intuitive to go for a haircut when you’re trying to grow your hair out, but do it anyway. By trimming those ends every six weeks or so, you’ll prevent split ends from forming while also encouraging more rapid hair growth.

Use Deep Conditioners

Simply shampooing and conditioning in the shower isn’t going to cut it when it comes to long, healthy locks. This is especially true if you have thick or curly hair that often suffers from dryness or frizz. Several times a week, use a deep conditioner that you can leave in for around 30 minutes at a time before rinsing. You can also try a leave in conditioner that you apply after getting out of the shower; these can add an extra level of moisture to your hair that will protect it from damage.

Try Oils

If you’re struggling with split ends, a special dry hair serum or oil applied to the ends can make a major difference, and can be used sparingly while still making an impact.

Use The Right Comb

Although you may have always used hairbrushes to work your way through your knots, long hair can benefit from a wide-toothed comb. This will detangle your mane without causing the damage and tearing that can be inflicted by a regular brush.

Avoid Heat

This really is the golden rule of healthy hair. The absolute worst thing you can do for long hair is to over-heat it with blow dryers, straighteners and curling irons, so resist these quick options as often as possible and allow your hair to dry naturally instead. Your long, shining hair will thank you for it.

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