How to Host the Perfect Brunch

Brunch is that in-between social gathering where it’s often difficult to decide whether you’re still meant to be eating eggs or moving onto hamburgers and chips. However, it is a common meal choice due to the convenience of the time of day it’s held. Below are some tips to help you make the most of this mealtime and impress your guests whether they’re brunch-goers or not.

Mix It Up

Brunch is the meal between breakfast and lunch, meaning it is often difficult to decide what to serve. To really become the host with the most, why not include a nice mixture of both? To achieve this, you’ll need a versatile cooking machine from a store such as Barbeques Galore. With a tool like a Ziegler & Brown grill, you can start with lemon and sugar crepes, follow it up with some grilled prawns, and finish off with san choy bow.

Social Cooking

The first step to being the perfect host to your brunch guests is to actually be present. Grills or barbeques are a great idea as these can easily be set up in your backyard so you can cook and socialise at the same time. Holding your brunch near the kitchen is another solution, so you don’t feel like you’re missing out on all the fun. Guests will often start to feel uncomfortable if their host isn’t around and the mood will drop very quickly.

Informal and Relaxed

The perfect brunch can still be fancy without being overly formal. Try to avoid the traditional dining table sit down for brunch; rather, go for a more relaxed setting such as a backyard or lounge room. Keeping drinks accessible at all times will also add to making your brunch perfect. It’s the time of the morning when people will often go for a coffee, so make sure to always have a fresh pot on the table. Your guests will relax knowing they don’t have to disturb you for another.

Remember the Finer Details

It’s the small touches that will take a brunch from average to perfect and show how much you really appreciate each one of your guests. Purchase individual plates and mugs that can become talking points for everyone, create take-home chocolate or snack bags with name tags on them, or include a range of flavoured teas on the table that would suit the different tastes of your guests. Everyone there will feel a little more special and go home with a warm appreciation for the care you took in their enjoyment.

Brunches are about the ideal combination of good food and social chatter. Making your guests feel as comfortable in your home as you are is the way to do this, with the addition of food to help the flow of conversation. If you have these two elements, you will quickly become the perfect host for the perfect brunch.

What is your favourite brunch meal? And where is the best location to do your brunching? Share any tips or suggestions you have in the comments below to help others prepare a wonderful brunch.

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