How To Properly Clean Your Fridge

We fully stock it once a week, sometimes more, we visit it every day, and we need it to live. So why do we forget about cleaning it? Most modern day fridges only get cleaned out once every couple of months, as the new season rolls around and a full house blitz of cleaning is in order. However, we use it to keep perishable food; food that we prepare on spotless kitchen counters and chopping boards, for days, possibly even weeks on end?

When a fridge is not regularly cleaned, tiny bits of food can fall down to the base of the fridge, grease leaks out from old sausages, milk and juices spill a little bit each time they are removed from the fridge; all this gets left to fester in the fridge. If we do not regularly clean our fridges, mould and mildew can build up in the corners of the shelves and at the base, and give the fridge a bad smell, or even contaminate normally in date food.

Top tips for cleaning your fridge:

Sort out the Food
Before you even start on cleaning your fridge, you will need to remove all food and drink from the fridge. You can use this opportunity to throw away any out of date produce, or anything that even looks or smells a bit whiffy. This also helps reduce any bad smells that may be lingering around your fridge.

Removing Shelves
If your fridge has removable shelves and drawers, this will make things a lot easier. Fill up a large basin with warm soapy water, and let your shelves soak for about ten minutes before wiping them down and setting them to one side to dry off. Make Sure to let your shelves warm up to room temperature before you soak them, as putting cold glass shelves into warm water will make them shatter!

Wipe down the Fridge
Try not to use scented or strong disinfectant cleaners in your fridge as the food can absorb the smell. Try natural cleaning solutions like baking soda paste or apple cider vinegar. Put the mixture into a spray bottle and spray liberally, taking care to vigorously wipe any suspicious looking stains. Don’t forget to clean the refrigerator doors, and around the rubber seal of the fridge, as this can get dusty and dirty over time too!

Dry Everything Off
Wipe the inside of your fridge down with a clean cloth and ensure that all the shelves and drawers are completely dry and cool before putting them back into the appliance.

Good Food Organisation
And lastly, reintroduce your food! Try to organise the food into groups, as it’ll be easier to find what you’re looking for, plus you will be able to better recognise food when it is starting to go out of take. Bag up any loose vegetables and make sure to properly seal any cheeses or meats in tin foil or cling film. Wipe down all drinks bottles and cartons before putting them back into the fridge.

Keeping an eye on your fridge takes only a little time and effort. Don’t worry, your food and your nose will thank you!

If you want any further fridge cleaning tips, take a look at this useful Wiki guide.

Patty Simon is a self confessed cleaning freak and has contributed this post on behalf of Price Kitchens, south London’s premier supplier of both retail and trade kitchens

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