How To Tell If It’s Time For A New Mattress

Once you were the fondest of bedfellows – companions in the land of nod. But now you toss and turn, aware of each deficiency, underwhelming moment and interruption in your quest for ‘Z’s. You think it’s probably time for your mattress to go. Here’s some reassurance that you’re not jumping to conclusions.


Even the best mattresses have a lifespan of about 10 years. You may not notice its shortcomings, but the truth is that by the decade mark this is a relationship in rapid decline. And if it’s developed a noticeable sag, it’s time to kiss this bedfellow goodbye.

The sag starts subtly at first, a little spot you prefer in your nightly sleep routine, but over time it becomes a pronounced pit that limits your ability to roll and turn during your natural, restful sleep.


No decent sleep companion should subject you to lumps and bumps, intruding on your required cycles of sleep as you negotiate its terrain. Your mattress should be free from protrusions. It should be just hard enough and just soft enough to allow you to relax.


A sure sign the end game is near is when your sleep surface causes you physical pain. If you’re waking in the morning with aches, stiffness or pain, lay the blame squarely on your mattress and prepare to part company.

Tossing And Turning

Tossing and turning throughout the night in a desperate bid to find comfort is a sure sign your mattress has exceeded its use-by date. You may not know why or clearly see the reason, but it’s probably that your mattress has compacted over time.


If you find more comfort in the company of other mattresses than you do your own, you have either outgrown your mattress or it’s changed and no longer meets your needs. Regardless of who’s to blame, cite irreconcilable differences and seek out the comfort of a new mattress. Look to websites like for a great range of compatible, more appropriate mattresses destined to meet your needs.

For Better… Not Worse

You never claimed this was a relationship for better or for worse, so if your mattress now fits the worse-for-wear category with rips, snags, grime or grit, it’s time to move on. There’s no sleep seduction in a mattress that’s let itself go.

It Makes You Sick

When every moment spent in your mattress’s company causes you to wheeze, sneeze, splutter and cough, this is a relationship that’s clearly bad for your health.

Three’s A Crowd

Chances are you and your mattress aren’t the only players in this nightly sleep charade. If you and your partner find yourselves rolling to the centre of the bed due to its inadequacies then something’s gotta give.

It Speaks

Moaning, groaning or creaking from your mattress is the last nocturnal noise you should be hearing. The mattress is meant to be a silent partner.

Parting ways with your mattress need not be a trauma. When it’s over, it’s over – time to move on. After all, there are plenty more mattresses out there in the sleepy sea that are willing to meet your needs.

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