How to Throw a Successful Kid-Friendly Holiday Party

The holidays are a time of family festivities. Whether you’re planning to travel back to your hometown or invite your family over to your house, one thing’s for sure: the holidays bring the entire family together for one big celebration.

Holiday parties are meant to be appealing to grown-ups, who definitely need stress relief this time of year, but when it comes to family members and their kids, you’re going to have to consider making it kid friendly. If you’re planning on hosting the holidays in your home this coming season, you may want to consider the following tips that will help your holiday party be memorable for both kids and adults.

Articulate Rules

Sometimes, you need to articulate house rules to kids when they come into your home, like wiping their feet when they go in and out of the house or running indoors. When your young family members enter your home, make sure to communicate these rules and why they’re necessary.


Kids won’t want to eat bacon wrapped asparagus appetizers, they’ll want to have kid-friendly snacks. So, when you go shopping for everything you’re going to need for the party, make sure to pick up snacks they can eat, like veggie sticks, fruit cubes, mini quesadillas or finger sandwiches–delicious but simple. Also, make sure drinks are portioned and pre-served in order to prevent spills.

Have Kid-Friendly Areas

Kids don’t want to be stuck in the living room doing nothing all day while the adults take over the rest of the house. One solution to this is having kid-friendly areas around the house (not just the living room). Kid-friendly areas can have holiday-related activities like ornament painting or gingerbread house making. It also doesn’t hurt to have these areas separated by age. Big kids may not want to be stuck babysitting toddlers or babies.

By having kid-friendly areas in your next holiday party, you’ll be able to keep both kids and adults entertained. Note: be sure to remove anything that may break from the kid area.

Have an Outdoor Area

If you live in the southern states, an outdoor party–or at least an outdoor area–could be really fun for kids. You can plan a lot more outdoor activities or games than you can inside because of the open space. The outdoors can also serve as lunch spots, keeping the party outside while you clean up inside and get the kids ready for the next activity.

The great thing about having an outdoor area is that it can also serve as an entertainment area for adults (i.e. bonfires). Just make sure it’s appropriately decorated, ideally, with outdoor lights to keep the festivities going until the evening. Party Lights suggests specifically using string bulbs for a variety of different types of events this year.

Manage Alcohol Consumption

If you know you’re going to have kids at your family holiday party, please make sure everyone drinks responsibly. Ideally, you’ll want to have a dry party, but since more than 80 percent of holiday parties serve alcohol, you may want to have a two drink minimum.

Helping Hands

Kids can also serve as helping hands in a holiday party. They can help you decorate the tree, stuff stockings and help prepare food in the kitchen. The idea here is to entertain them by using their hands to help around the house, making your hosting duties a lot easier. It’s a win-win!

Have A Schedule

Most holiday parties require schedules, so why not including kid-related activities into it? Whether you celebrate Hanukkah or Christmas, make sure you have a designated time to play, eat and open gifts. The last thing you’d want is to have a child get into the gifts stash and begin opening presents before everyone else does–other kids may perceive this as unfair. Make sure you check on them on a regular basis.

By following these suggestions, you’ll be able to show both your adult family members and their kids an amazing time. This is where family holiday memories begin, so make your next holiday party a memorable, kid-friendly one.

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