Inspirational Home Design Ideas to Make Your Friends Jealous

It seems that our projects are never ending. We are a nation of DIYers, of that there is no doubt.Over the winter, we tend to rest up but as soon as the days start lengthening again, our thoughts drift to this years home upgrade. It is a time to rely on your credit card to fund a project that will make your friends jealous.

Here are my top tips for this coming summer, I hope you find them useful in making your decision.


Attic conversion

Starting at the top of the house, a huge attic conversion carried out by Shaws Joinery will make your friends foam at the mouth. I’m not talking about simply insulating and boarding over the joists. I mean a full, quality conversion that can only be carried out by experts and designers to a high specification. Your attic conversion will cover the entire footprint of the property so it could be huge. It will easily have room for a bar, pool table, dartboard, television area, toilet, and bathroom. Many conversions rely on a loft ladder for access. Yours, however, should be found by climbing an oak staircase, lovingly hand crafted and finished. Enhanced by a decorative handrail, the climb will say something about you. I am jealous of you already.


Swimming Pool

How about a swimming pool in the garden? I don’t mean a portable one such as can be found at a famous click and collect store. Think big! Consider a forty foot tiled sunken, heated pool with a shallow and deep end. A bespoke, high quality summer house such as the one in the image can be constructed for you to act as male and female changing rooms. Huge bi-fold doors could frame the entrance to your garden from the house. What a delicious idea this is.


Sunken Jacuzzi

If your bathroom needs a revamp anyway, a sunken jacuzzi will give it that touch of class that most people never achieve in their renovations. Imagine spending time with friends in a hot bubbling tub on a winters evening. Bliss.



Instead of building a two story extension on your home, think about spending the same amount of money on a massive single story alternative. You could build a room big enough to host discos and parties, or maybe a snooker tournament on a brand new table. Alternatively, would a cinema interest you. If you are a film buff, this could be just what you have been waiting for. The possibilities are endless.



Building a conservatory seems to be a required upgrade to most suburban homes these days. If you wish to go down that route and still impress; make sure yours has air conditioning and electric blinds fitted into the design. Remote control of course.


Underground Room

Building a room underground in your garden is something that is guaranteed to make people jealous. It is an expensive construction project but is perfectly feasible, and there are architects out there waiting to draw the plans up for you. When everything else is done, this may be the only choice you have left.


As you can see, just from my imaginative suggestions, if you are lucky enough to be wealthy there is nothing that cannot be achieved. Maybe one day I will get there too. Onwards and upwards!


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