Interior Design 101: Lighten up your Space

Lighting is an extremely important component of any room, and a poorly lit room may give off negative feelings or prevent you from completing the work you need to do. Natural sunlight can work wonders, especially when paired with manmade light, and there are also many ways in which you can accentuate the lighting of any space. Different solutions will be needed for different spaces, depending on its use, shape and position. However, if you are looking for a change in lighting in your home or even your office space, read on and you might just find something that gets your creative juices flowing.


Glass, as everyone knows, is well known for its reflective properties. You can put this to good use in any kind of space. Glass doors and windows are the easiest way to implement such a method, and will allow light to flow freely throughout your house or even just a couple of rooms. It can be more expensive than other methods, but if you are seriously considering this as an option, door specialists and installers such as A J Doors can help you choose the right kind of installation for your space.


Lamps are great for lighting up rooms and spaces because they come in many different shapes and sizes. This means you can create all sorts of interesting lighting effects, and you can also use them in creative ways. They can also be used as accessories to decorate any sort of space – this includes outdoor areas as well as indoor spaces.

Ambient Light

The atmosphere generated by any room or space is extremely important, and ambient light can play a huge role in the generation of such an atmosphere. This means not just using one main light in your room, but many different lights, to create the mood that you want or would like. Experimentation may be key here!

Natural light

Natural light can be one of your greatest assets, but only if you let it help you. The sun lights up rooms in a way that electric lights cannot, and it will also bring a feel of freshness to your space. Windows, as mentioned above, will be able to let sunlight in, and curtains will allow you to moderate the level of light you want depending on your particular tastes.


You will always need a plan before redesigning anything as significant as lighting, in any kind of space. Research all your possible options, and never do anything major before consulting a professional.

So these are just some tips you may want to take into account when lighting up a space. There is no right or wrong way to go about such a task, but do make sure to follow your heart and your instincts – don’t do anything just because someone thinks it might be a great idea. Combine this with advice from experienced professionals, and you should be golden!

Have you ever had to change the lighting scheme of a space before? How did you go about it? Did you find it simple or difficult? Do you have any advice for others that may be considering doing the same? Leave your thoughts down below.

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