Is it Now Easier Than Ever to Quit Smoking?

Since the smoking ban was brought in throughout the UK in 2007 meaning people were no longer allowed to smoke indoors in their places of work or out in bars, clubs and restaurants, more people than ever before have taken to giving up smoking and trying to improve their health. The problem is, when trying to give up a habit such as smoking cigarettes, it can be particularly difficult to stop – and even harder to stop for good.

smokinggirlsThere are now all kinds of different ways for people to try to quit, more than ever before in fact, and many are taking advantage of the developments in technology that have changed our lives in the past decade or so. The NHS are now much more aware of what can be done to help people quit, and have taken to advising people to try out other ways than the traditional methods in an attempt to find new ways of encouraging people to kick the habit, and businesses like and those working with electronic cigarettes feature prominently in the list of top methods being used today.

A lot of the time people miss the physical acts involved with smoking more than they miss the nicotine and the tobacco themselves. Joining the group of other smokers and heading outside for a smoke was a part of the working day for some people, and having given up they find it difficult to remain a part of that particular social group. By finding alternative methods of smoking – without actually consuming the addictive substances – they can still join their friends, however.

Another key thing that people miss is actually holding onto a cigarette, the feeling of it between their fingers. It’s often very easy to spot someone who has recently given up smoking, because they’re usually holding onto a pen, straw, item of cutlery or another small item between their fingers, even raising them to their mouth out of habit. That’s where electronic cigarettes have proven to be so useful, because they still give ex-smokers the feeling that they miss until they eventually decide they don’t need it anymore.

Electronic shisha, or eshisha, companies have started to produce their own form of electronic cigarettes but these ones differ in the fact that they don’t contain any nicotine or tobacco whatsoever, instead offering flavoured shisha sticks that all have their own individual tastes and even last for as many as 500 puffs before they run out.

The fact of the matter is, whichever method of smoking people adopt in order to kick the habit, there are now a wide variety of options available so you can choose the method that suits you and your lifestyle best as opposed to going for the traditional patches or gum, or just trying to quit there and then with no help. If you can satisfy the cravings the best you can, you’re much more likely to succeed in giving up.

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  1. emily aaron

    March 5, 2014 at 12:25 pm

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