Is Juicing Really as Good For Us as They Say it Is?

Juicing: everybody is getting in on this new health trend. It seems you just can’t get away from it; it’s all over social media thanks to your friends (and maybe even your nan), and celebrities are often spotted with their juice in hand as they shop the day away. But is juicing really as good for us as they say it is? Juicing is being made out to be some kind of miracle cure for excess fat and inches…drink one, and your extra blubber will melt away! But is that truly the case? Let’s take a look:

Depending on the ingredients you put in your juices, they can be great for our health or not so great. The more fruit you include, the better it’ll taste – but the sugar in it could be way more than a fizzy drink or chocolate bar!

Although fruit is good for us in moderation, too much of it can still be bad for us because of the sugar. A healthy juice needs to be made with a good mix of vegetables as well as a few pieces of fruit to sweeten it up, in order to get the best effect. This way, you’ll get a ton of nutrients and health benefits, instead of gram after gram of sugar.

Plus, how you juice depends on how good it is for us. If you try to consume only juices, this isn’t very healthy and could result in crashing and bingeing. The second you eat normal food, you’ll put back on whatever the scales said you lost. In order to lose fat effectively, you need to eat a healthy, balanced diet and throw a few juices in there to benefit from the nutrients.

For example:

  • A juice for breakfast.
  • Nuts and greek yoghurt as a mid morning snack.
  • A piece of protein such as salmon, and another juice for lunch.
  • A meal consisting of healthy carbohydrates, fats, and protein for dinner.
  • Perhaps another juice before bed.

You can swap those around as they suit you. You could eat a protein rich breakfast, then have a juice as your mid morning snack. You could even have your biggest meal for breakfast if that suits your day better! The most important thing is finding out what works for you, and not what works for your best friend or favourite celebrity. Everybody is different, and you need to find foods that fill you up and keep you satisfied all day long. If you’re eating foods that suit you, you may even stop having cravings for naughty foods! To make the best juice, check out this blendtec blender vs vitamix comparison to find the most suitable blender/juicer.

However, I wouldn’t rely on juicing if you’re looking for fat loss/inch loss alone. Although it can aid a great diet and exercise regime and enhance the results, you shouldn’t use it as a quick fix way of getting a bikini body. Your mindset towards being healthy needs to change. You should not focus on ‘being thin’ alone, your health should be a big concern of yours. Once you begin focusing on your health, and begin to become a fitter, healthier person, looking better will come naturally along with it!

Juicing is good for us to a certain extent, but it isn’t the be all and end all!

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