Keep Your Skin Young

All of us want to age gracefully, but sometimes nature seems to get in the way. However, there’s no need to turn to the surgeon’s knife to keep your skin looking youthful and healthy. You can avoid lines, wrinkles and drying of the skin by keeping your skin healthy from as early as possible, and by following some ageing prevention tips.


Maintain a skin-healthy diet

Lipids are essential oils that protect our skin from impurities and keep it moist; however, lipid formation reduces as we get older. You can boost secretion by eating healthy fats like those found in nuts, yoghurt and avocado.


Stay out of the sun

Sun damage is one of the primary causes of premature skin ageing, along with more harmful conditions such as skin cancer. Reduce your UV exposure by using a good quality sunscreen at all times, even on days where the sun doesn’t seem too bright. Try and stay out of the sun altogether in the hot midday hours during summer, and keep applying sunscreen frequently throughout the day to ensure your skin stays protected.



Not getting enough quality rest can cause bags under the eyes and will generally make your skin look older and more tired. Try and set up a relaxing evening routine and make getting at least 8 hours a priority.


Stay hydrated

This applies to your insides and outsides. By consuming plenty of water, you enhance your skin’s ability for cell renewal, so make sure you drink lots to avoid dehydrating your skin. Keep the outside moist with moisturizing lotions; these don’t have to be anything fancy or expensive; simple lotions with few added chemicals or ingredients are often worth choosing.


Stay away from cigarettes

If you’re still smoking, here’s another great reason to quit. Several studies have shown that smoking increases the rate of skin damage, as it reduces skin elasticity and breaks down collagen, leading to rapid ageing. Avoid the cigarettes and your skin will benefit too.

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