Kids Arts and Crafts

With colder weather approaching, you need to be full of ideas for indoor activities to keep your family occupied. If you can think as creatively as your kids do, you’ll never be short of fun ways to pass the time, and you won’t have to resort to video games or television. Children love arts and crafts, so get some materials out and let their imaginations run wild.

  • Seasonal Activities

Let your kids get inspired by the changing seasons and holidays and plan themed activities. When the snow starts falling, get out the kiddie scissors and coloured paper and help them make paper snowflakes to hang up in their bedrooms. You provide the materials and they’ll provide the Christmas cards this year; let them make their own cards and gift wrap and the effect will be far more personal. This can apply all year round! Halloween is another good opportunity for crafting, as costume making and decorations are all part of the fun.

  • Painting and Art


Inspire your children’s inner artists by providing them with watercolour paints, or even just colouring pencils and sketchbooks, and asking them to work on self portraits or paintings of other family members or pets. You can even set up a still life scene for them to work on. Toddlers and younger children can also be included in these activities, although it may be best to stick to crayons and colouring pencils for the smaller kids. Just make sure your home is well protected from stray paint and aprons are on to cover up clothing, as some mess is to be expected!


  • Collages


If your child doesn’t enjoy drawing and painting, a collage can be a fun alternative way of expressing creativity. Get all the old magazines and newspapers from your house together and let the cutting and pasting commence!


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