Landscaping Your Property

Landscaping your garden is no small task. It takes a great deal of planning, preparation and possibly a fair amount of expenditure on your part too. Your property will reflect you and your family, along with adding value to your home should you wish to sell in the future, and so all the work will be well worth it once your dream space is there for you to use as you please. Here are some tips for landscaping the garden of your dreams and making a solid investment in your home.


Plan what you want from the space

If you have kids, you’ll probably want to designate a certain amount of space on your property for them to explore and play. Playground fixtures such as swings, slides and sandpits can be great additions to your garden and will thrill small children. If you live in a warm area and have the space, a pool can be a great choice; just keep an eye on the piping when it comes to landscaping the rest of the garden.


Will you be entertaining?

If you like to have guests over frequently and think your evenings would benefit from some al fresco dining or perhaps even just simple barbeques, consider this in your planning. Building a porch or patio with a carefully chosen, tasteful dining area can be a wonderful addition to your home and make for some memorable summer evenings. If your room is more limited, selecting attractive new outdoor furniture for your garden for the warmer months can also lift the aesthetic of your property.


Are you planning on selling the property?

If you’re creating an outdoor space with the aim of improving the value of your property, be sure to get an assessment of the current value before you set your budget for landscaping. Experts recommend that you spend about 10-15% of the current value on a new garden, and slightly less on a refurbishment, so know where you currently stand in order to set your price.


Get the right equipment

If you’re dealing with a fair amount of space, you’ll probably need more than your basic gardening tools to complete this task. Decide whether you want to hire a professional landscaping company, or if you’re going to complete the job yourself as a DIY project. For bigger jobs in your garden and moving around heavy loads, you may want to consider hiring a lightweight but reliable loader to assist you; this Skid Steer is a great example of such a construction tool, and could drastically increase your productivity. You and your family could have the property you always imagined in no time at all.


Get planting!

A carefully planned and laid out flower garden will bring colour and life to your property like nothing else; so read up on your flowers and choose colours and arrangements wisely to really bring your property to life. Remember, your garden doesn’t have to be restricted to flowers when it comes to planting; a herb and vegetable patch can also be added to an area of your garden and can offer an eco-friendly and fun way for your family to grow your own food.

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