LG G2 Smartphone: The Best Camera for Families?

LG announced their latest smartphone the LG G2 in August and most of the media focused on the innovative new home button located on the back of the phone, just below the camera. What has become apparent since the phone went on sale is that the press should have focused on what was just above the home button: the camera. LG put an impressive 13 megapixel sensor into the LG G2, but there was no reason to think this was anything too impressive simply looking at the tech spec sheet. But now that users have got their hands on the phone it’s become apparent that the camera far exceeds what we were expecting and is arguably the best camera in any available smartphone.

LG seems to have realised what an impressive camera they have on their hands here, and have featured the image stabilisation in their comical video (embedded below) featuring Lizzy the Chicken. The video features Lizzy doing exactly what the camera does best: keeping the image perfectly steady even in challenging shots. As well as the image stabilisation the phone comes with another intelligent new feature: multi point auto focus, allowing the camera to focus on the key parts of the photo even if they aren’t located together in the shot. This is perfect for family photos where two people are doing different things in the frame. If that wasn’t enough there’s a ton of other innovative features, from a sapphire crystal glass lens which prevents damage to the ability to record with both the front and back camera at once.

From our experience, the main way families use their phones is for taking photos of good times together, and the LG G2 has the best camera we’ve yet seen.

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