Loud Snorer? What You Can Do To Silence Your Sleep

When you live with a snorer, you dread every night. You hear it brewing. You feel the bed rumble. You hear the throat warm up. You sense the vibrations of a gasping throat. It’s a terrible thing to endure! What can be done to silence the snorer? How can you regain a peaceful night sleep? Check out the good, the bad and the ugly of snoring prevention.

The Good

Looking after yourself and your own health can sometimes be one of the best ways to ease the snoring. Sleep experts recommend the following to help stop snoring:

  • Weight loss is known to relieve pressure around your chest, throat and face, allowing you to breathe more easily at night.
  • Stopping smoking has numerous benefits. Non-smokers have less mucus build up in the nasal cavity and throat, giving clearer breath at night.
  • Allergen-free environment. Dust, animal hair and pollens all contribute to snoring. Ensuring your room is clean will help keep your passages clear, reducing snoring.
  • The right mattress can also help reduce snoring (and relieve back pain). Check out Chiropedic Mattress Factory Direct for advice on choosing the right mattress for you.

If you’re concerned about health-related impacts of snoring on your sleep, always consult your registered health care provider for further advice.

The Bad

Here’s some interesting ideas that have been suggested to stop snoring.

  • Tongue exercises are said to strengthen the tongue and stop it rolling back in your sleep. How can you strengthen your tongue? Kissing of course!
  • Attaching a tennis ball to the back of your pyjamas prevents you from lying on your back. Sleeping on your side is linked to quieter sleep.
  • Playing the didgeridoo has been linked to a reduction in snoring. This ancient Indigenous instrument also helps exercise the tongue muscles which is linked to a reduction in snoring.

The Ugly

Save for putting a wet towel over your snoring partners head, here are some particularly unusual methods that may help reduce snoring:

  • Eating horseradish or gargling with garlic is said to help with the snoring. This method also has a 100% success rate of getting you kicked out of your bedroom!
  • Sucking a dummy has also been said to reduce snoring. Let’s not beat around the bush – nothing says, lets go to bed, darling than your significant other sucking a dummy!
  • Rubbing your partners upper lip. It’s said to stop snoring and start midnight arguments.

Of course, you should stick with the good methods to help prevent snoring! Looking after your health, having a dust-free room and sleeping on an appropriate chiropractic mattress will all help you reduce your snoring.

Have you found this article helpful? Do you have your own methods (good, bad or ugly) that you’ve used to stop snoring? Share your ideas in the comments, below!

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