Modern History of Coffee Drips with Misinformation

We love espresso machines, for an afternoon break, after dinner treat, or sometimes even for our morning coffee. Did it ever cross your mind that people could possibly think coffee, or espresso, could cause cancer?

A new study shows that 9% of American adults believe just that.

After polling 2,000 people researchers were surprised to find some people believe this as fact. The World Cancer Research Fund has stated that coffee has shown no tendency to act as a cancer causing agent.

Researchers recently conducted polling which concluded that although this small percentage of Americans believe coffee causes cancer, there is no scientific evidence to suggest any truth behind this myth. Cream and sugar, of course, can cause their own health problems when served in high proportions. Some coffee houses serve coffee that is more of a dessert than a beverage. Those issues are well known, and few people in fact even drink enough of these to cause problems. Certainly, when drinking the strong beverage made by espresso machines there is no cause for alarm.

In fact, preliminary studies seem to show that coffee helps prevent cancer. Although it is too early in the process to make these statements with full scientific accuracy, coffee appears to prevent cancer in the uterus and the liver. Studies suggest that coffee prevents cancer in the womb as well. Certainly this relies on moderation, as does everything else in life. There has yet to be research to determine what amounts of coffee is required to create these effects or how much may be too much and counteract the preventative effects of coffee against cancer.

The study further showed that 10% of Americans have the mistaken perception that coffee is crucial for successful weight loss. Coffee may in fact provide a spurt of energy to increase the exercise motivation needed to lose weight, and that may be where this misperception comes from. To mention again the sugary coffee shop drinks, if you drink a cup of coffee diluted with cream and sugar it can just as easily diminish the effects of your exercise. To lose weight, control calories with the tasty black beverage, eat healthy and exercise more often.

Other common misconceptions about coffee include that it can leech important minerals from the body, be dehydrating, or can be an unhealthy toxin. The quick answer to these questions is, “no, no and no.” It is not a toxin; in fact, coffee has been proven to be a healthy drink choice when used moderately. It cannot leech minerals such as magnesium, potassium or calcium out of you, the human body simply doesn’t work that way. The caffeine can cause the bladder to empty more frequently giving a sense of dehydration, but the liquid in the coffee is still absorbed. Perhaps not as well as plain water but your body will in fact still use the water from the coffee.

All in all, coffee is a healthy choice for most people. If nothing else, the relaxing effect of calmly enjoying a cup out of one of the best espresso machines will provide a few moments of peace and quiet in your day. The energy provided will help when your break is over and you have to go back to your hectic routine.

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