More pounds in your pocket: Tips to make you richer

For anyone with a bank account, April 6th marks the day of the new financial year, aswell as the deadline for when you must get your finances in check. You should have an annual review of your account before this date to ensure that you don’t have any unusual or old outgoings. It is recommended that if you’re saving or wish to save that you check to see which ISA and savings account is best for you in this new financial year. Some old ISAs will have a lower interest rate, so you do need shop about before paying in any more money, else you will miss out on potential savings.

If you’re looking to make daily savings, websites such as offer great advice and tips. There are also a variety of mobile apps that can help get your finances in order and help with your budgeting. One way of making savings on purchases, is comparing the products from different outlets before you buy, to see if it’s being sold cheaper elsewhere. The app RedLaser does this for you, and allows you to scan barcodes to find the best deal quickly and easily.

Here are few more simple tips to help you get richer…

Say no!

Sounds simple right? One of the biggest problems we face is advertising. A recent article on Forbes stated the following:

‘Research by social psychologists like Dan Ariely has shown that “FREE!” has a special effect on our brain. The difference between a penny and free is inconsequential in reality but the two values elicit very different behavior, with free being the more powerful motivator.’

Just because there is a ‘buy one get one free’ offer on, it doesn’t mean you have to buy it. One reason for this is that, you don’t actually need it, and another is that you might not even use the second one. If you really want something, wait thirty days and reassess, if you still want it, get it, but on many occasions you’ll either forget about it or will have found something better!

Get cash back on your purchases

There are a lot of websites that now offer cashback when you buy through them online. This is a great way of getting a little bit back when you buy, but it’s not guaranteed. Think of it as a little bonus. One thing to remember is not to be swayed by high amounts of cashback. Go for the deal that is cheaper and suits you.

Sell your photos

If love taking photographs and are good at it, why not get paid for it?! There are so many sites including Shutterstock and ClickBritish which allow you to upload and sell your pictures and make money from them. You don’t have to be a professional, just an enthusiast.

Get paid to blog

If you have any kind of passion or interest speak up about it. Whether it’s food, fashion, love or film you can offer advice and connect with like-minded people by setting up a blog which can then act as an online community, whilst making you money at the same time. There is help at hand if you’re unsure how to get everything set up, just search online or read this article here.

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