Outdoor Activities to Enjoy with your Family

Entice the kids away from the laptop, PlayStation, Xbox and cell phone to enjoy some great family time outdoors. Most kids are tech savvy, but encouraging them to go on organised family outings will get them out in the fresh air and away from technology for a little while. There are many fun and memorable things to do outdoors that don’t cost anything.

A nature walk

Local councils have organised nature walks that you can take with a guide who will point out plants and animals of interest. You can also enjoy night time guided walks where you can have a go at spotting nocturnal animals. Day time walks can be up to an hour or for the fitter family with older children, maybe you could enjoy a longer trek through natural rainforest over rougher terrain where you can discover cascading waterfalls and keep an eye out for shy animals.

Head to the beach

The summer months beckon families to sandy beaches with cool lapping waves. Take some shade, water and snacks and make a day of building sandcastles, paddling in the blue ocean and just enjoying some very laid back family time. Browse the beaches to collect seashells and make footprints in the hard sand at the edge of the water.

Picnic in the park

Families have been doing this get together for years. Pack a lunch of everyone’s favourite foods, throw in a rug and some folding chairs and head to the park. In the rush of daily life, it is easy to forget how special the serenity of sitting beneath towering age old trees and enjoying the breeze is. You must remember that kids are constantly occupied with high tech gadgets and may get fidgety. Take along a cricket set, Frisbee or ball for them to enjoy playing with. Hats and sunscreen are a must.

Visit an animal farm

Both children and adults love patting animals. Visit a local animal farm or take a trip to the zoo. At animal farms you will be able to pet the animals and may be able to feed the sheep, goats or deer. If you are city dwellers, this is a great activity to get families up close to farm animals. You could also make a day trip of a visit to the zoo. Here you will be educated on a wide variety of international animals, from lions to monkeys.

Enjoy some pool time

Swimming pools are great for building kids’ water confidence. Playing and having fun in the pool can actually be a lesson in water education. You can organise games that the whole family can take part in or just create your own fun by splashing around. A public pool will have family friendly areas with shallow water pools and water slides. If enjoying a family pool day at home, have a look at Alliance Pool Stores to make sure your pool is always in swimmable condition.

Family activities should not be overlooked for technology. Of course, our children have to be tech savvy as that is the way the world is progressing in leaps and bounds. However, memories are made of family time spent together, so get out there in the beautiful outdoors and enjoy each other’s company.

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