Pack Up 4 Things for a Transfer Student in Fall

So you’re the new guy in school and you want to make the most out of your first few days. You got your backpack ready complete with your laptop, a map of your new school, your favorite cologne, and maybe some mint candies in your pocket.

Whether you transferred because the university offers a stellar program in Computer Science or because you were drafted for the school varsity, being the new guy is intimidating and all you want is to either fit in or stand out. Whichever way you’re going, it’s good to pack up 4 things to get yourself ready in fall semester.

transfer students

1. Familiarize yourself with your new school.
If you’re transferring to a university, chances are you’ll get lost in a huge establishment. That’s the reason why during orientation, handouts and maps are given to you as guides. Find where you can grab lunch or a secluded place to get your thoughts fixed. Know where the computer labs are, the libraries, dorms, club halls, football field or basketball court. It’s important that you get to see a little bit of everything – plus learn terms associated with those places. Also, don’t forget to bring your handy schedule wherever you go. You don’t want to miss your classes and have a negative impression.

2. Socialize and get involved in college life.
If you’re staying at a dormitory inside the school, make sure you socialize. You’re lucky to have a roommate whom you can instantly bond with and become best buds with, but that’s not likely all the time. Whenever there’s an orientation, participate and don’t be shy to introduce yourself. Join clubs and organizations for the sake of your personal and academic interests. Find a photography club or a health volunteer program. Get into a computer programming club to build your professional network as early as day one. It’s easy to socialize when you’re drafted or you belong to a sports team but most of the time, you have to do the bulk work on your own.

3. Be yourself around people.
When you’re the new guy, it’s easy to get carried away trying to build an image around people. The best way to either fit in or stand out is to just be yourself. You don’t have to please people all the time, but when meeting them, always put your best foot forward. Before leaving your dorm, spray your favorite cologne for men so when you bump into a girl in the university, you’re always prepared for a small talk after. Be assertive in class or a club meeting. Pick a place in the school grounds where you can be at your own element and enjoy the surroundings around you. You’ll soon realize some people have the same interests as you do if you just enjoy being yourself.

4. Work hard on your academics.
If you’re on a scholarship program, chances are you have to work hard to maintain good grades. That’s the reason why you transferred schools in the first place. If you’re a regular college student, that’s not a reason for you to be delinquent. No matter how difficult, it’s your responsibility to attend classes, meet deadlines, and pass your exams. After all, the fruit of your labor will come as soon as you reach your senior year.

Being a new guy in school is tough but the key is to enjoy every milestone. Prepare for a new semester this fall with style and confidence.

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