Plan A Romantic Dinner Date At Home

After a few years of marriage, it can sometimes feel like the romance has died down, making way for routine and a little bit of boredom. Date nights can be a perfect way to bring some of the romance that you’re missing back into your relationship, and it doesn’t have to be a big expense either. If you’re on a budget, or if you just want to make a sweet gesture for your significant other, try planning a romantic date in your own home.


Set the scene

Although you might usually rush through meals or eat on the sofa with your plate on your lap, make a special effort and lay the table especially for your date night in. Try some candles for added ambience, some soft romantic music in the background and put out your best dishes for the occasion. Some flowers in the centre of the table can also make for a special touch.


Plan a surprise

Although it’s probably wise to give your spouse a heads up that they’ll need to be home on time and that you want some alone time with them on that particular evening so they don’t make other plans or work late, try and make the meal a surprise.


Set a menu

Plan a menu for the evening. Whether you want to make a starter, main and dessert all made up of your spouse’s favourite things, or simply romantic dishes that you feel confident cooking, make sure the food on offer is something a little different than what you’d normally cook. Try not to be too over-ambitious; you won’t want to spend the afternoon stressing out in the kitchen trying to make something you’ve never cooked before and then be tired and fed up when it comes to the actual date.


Make a menu card

To add a little extra sense of occasion, make your own handmade menu cards to place on the table. Your partner will certainly appreciate the effort, and hopefully reciprocate in the future!

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