Pregnancy Apps

Are you to trying to conceive or expecting a baby? If you’re obsessing about all things pregnancy and baby related, make sure you have the latest apps downloaded to your smart phone to keep you up to date. There are plenty of apps out there full of advice, information and countdown tools that can all be available to you at the touch of a button. Here are some of the best:

Menstruation and Ovulation Calendar: If you’re not yet pregnant but hoping to be soon, this is the app for you. You can track your cycle and find your prime ovulation dates to help you predict the best possible moments for conception.

Pregnancy Care (Prenatal Yoga): Yoga is an ideal form of exercise for all pregnant women as it stretches and tones the body without putting unnecessary pressure on the joints or heart. This app will guide you through pregnancy-friendly poses that suit each trimester.

Babycenter My Pregnancy Today: The Babycenter website is well known for its comprehensive and thorough guides to many aspects of pregnancy, and this app is a handy mini-version for your phone. You can track your baby’s development in the womb, calculate your due date and keep track of your antenatal appointments.

50,000 Baby Names: Struggling to come up with the perfect name for your upcoming bundle of joy? It’s a tough decision, but this app will help by providing plenty of inspiration, along with giving details about the meaning, origins and popularity of each name.

Positive Pregnancy With Andrew Johnson: Battling stress and tension in your pregnancy? This meditation app will help you relax and unwind; improving your sleep and state of mind.

iContraction: When your 40 long weeks finally come to an end and labour begins, there’s an app ready to assist you even through your labour. iContraction will time the frequency and lengths of your contractions and allow your partner to create charts to track your progress.


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