Preparing For The First Day Of School

Your child’s first day of school is a momentous occasion, and it’s something that takes a bit of preparation. By making sure your child is ready, emotionally and practically speaking, for this transition, you’ll be getting their education off to a great start and setting them up for success early on.


Talk about it

In the year coming up to your child’s first school year, talk to them a lot about school, from what they can expect to what their fears are around it. Encourage them to get excited and ask plenty of questions so that you know exactly how they feel and there are no surprises on the day.


Encourage independence

Your child will be expected to demonstrate a certain amount of independence when starting primary school, so make sure that you’ve taught them about hand washing, getting dressed and undressed by themselves and that they’re fully capable of going to the toilet by themselves before they begin. These practical steps will help them feel more prepared, and ensure that they are ready to face the world of ‘big school’ head on.


Get socialising

If you can find other children in your area who are beginning at the same school at the same time, it can be a great transition step to arrange playdates or meetings with these kids in the holiday time before school begins. Your child will feel a lot less intimidated if he knows at least one other child in the class, and may feel more outgoing and confident as a result.


Control your emotions

When it comes down to the big day, it may be tempting to let your own feelings around your little one heading off to school get in the way of a comfortable transition for them. Try and hold off on the emotional display that may be brimming inside you until they’re safely inside, as you crying and seeming upset may confuse and frighten them. Be confident and positive and keep the goodbye quick and drama-free and they’ll feel more secure.

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