Protecting Kids on Facebook

Most of the time, Facebook is a handy social networking tool, providing millions around the world with hours of procrastination and entertainment. With its increasing popularity, however, has come a rise in younger users. If your children are among those using Facebook at a young age, there’s no need to panic, but be savvy to keep them safe online.

  • Protect Personal Information

One of the most important things for your child to learn when it comes the internet is to safeguard their personal details. Make sure they’re aware that much of what they post goes out into public domain, so make sure that they keep their profile is clear of location details, phone numbers and similarly sensitive information. Ask to check their page yourself to be sure. You can also go through the Facebook privacy settings with them to check that their settings are tightly controlled to ‘friends only’ so that strangers cannot view their profile.

  • Be Aware of Cyberbullying


The rise of bullying online is become a huge problem for our children, and can have devastating consequences if left unnoticed. Keep an eye on your kids’ profiles for any nasty messages, and encourage them to talk openly with you about their experiences online. If you suspect something may be going on, ask gently and then make sure that it’s reported to facebook and at school.


  • Monitor Closely


If you’re concerned that you’re too closed off from your child’s internet activity and can’t get them to talk to you about it, you may want to consider monitoring software. Safetyweb is a service available to parents that reports back any dangerous, inappropriate or worrying activity across the social networking sphere. There are also software options that monitor the entirety of your child’s internet usage; these can also block obscene content and report back on overall internet behaviour.

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