Protecting your Gifts after the Holiday Season

With Christmas more than a month in our wake, and Valentine’s Day fast approaching, you have probably given some thought as to how to protect your valuables. After all, that engagement ring you have coming your way is worth more than cash. Lets have a look at some of the ways that you can protect your gifts:

Keep Your Valuables Under Combination-Lock

Visit your local locksmith or start shopping online for a range of custom safes. Choose the template that best fits your needs. Custom safes are nearly impossible to lift and that much harder to crack. Do not use your anniversary, birthday or phone number as the combination to your safe. Burglars are chameleons by nature. They do their homework, and most will enter your home with your social security number memorized.

Hide Your Safe

The advantage to custom safes is that you can tailor them to your needs. Your safe should be small enough to fit neatly into clever hiding places and big enough to store your valuables with room to spare. Burglars know that the longer they spend in your home, the more likely they are to be caught. They do not have time to look under the floorboards, or behind the picture in the study that nobody looks at.

Clean Up Before You Leave

It’s not uncommon for the average burglar to spend weeks or even months waiting for the perfect window of opportunity. Often, this window affords them a view of the laptop sitting on your kitchen table, or the gold bracelet you left by the sink. Before you leave your home, even if it’s just for a few minutes, put everything away. Slide your laptop under the couch. Return the bracelet to your home safe. Most burglars enter the home with a specific item in mind. The less you have in plain sight, the less appealing your home will be to potential invaders.

Read the Label

Is your jewelry a tangled mess, or do you know exactly what you have when you go looking for it? A burglar certainly doesn’t. How many times has the diamond on your engagement ring scratched your wedding band? We inflict more damage on our jewelry over the years, one chip at a time, than a burglar could in the two seconds it would take to rip it off. When cleaning your jewelry, read the label! Many cleaners are used to treat specific metals. A mismatch could strip the plating from your class ring.

Install Automatic Lights

Set the lights in your home to come on and shut off according to your routine. This tactic, though elementary in its application, is the perfect deterrent. Should you arrive home late from work, a light set to come on in the kitchen at 5:30 or 6, around the time that you would normally sit down to dinner, will give burglars the impression that someone is home even if your car is not in the driveway. Also, install floodlights and configure them to respond to movement in the vicinity. A burglar will be less likely to view your home as a potential target if they know it is wired to keep raccoons out of your garbage.

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