Rebuilding your confidence after pregnancy

The arrival of a new baby is exciting and joyful, however, it is not uncommon for women to experience a loss of confidence and self-esteem following the birth. Taking care of a newborn is exhausting due to lack of sleep and multiple new chores, so here are a few tips on how to rebuild confidence after pregnancy.

1. Eat well

It’s important that mothers have a good balanced diet to ensure their energy levels are maintained. While much of the focus will be on feeding the baby, keeping him or her clean and comfortable and ensuring they get adequate sleep as well as active playtime when a little older, mothers must get adequate rest and eat well. Those keen to lose the extra pounds gained during pregnancy have an excellent incentive to eat healthy foods that are vitamin rich, and to avoid junk food. Breastfeeding mothers should remember it’s important to maintain a good calorie intake for baby’s sake as well as mom’s. Choosing delicious healthy options means being in control of nutrition and is truly empowering.

2. Enjoy light exercise 

If tiredness is a continuing problem, a little light exercise can go a long way to alleviate it and rejuvenate the spirits as well as the body. Build this into everyday routines – use feeding times to practice pelvic floor exercises, try a few small and easy movements to tone the abdomen and pop baby in a stroller and go for a regular, short walk. Classes such as “mommy and me yoga” can be a lifesaver as they are also a chance to socialize. Over time muscles will regain their elasticity and, once again, those extra pounds will be reduced day by day.

3. Make some pamper time 

Making time for mom is good news for baby, as well as for a father. Many men feel excluded after a new baby arrives, as the partner who once gave them all their attention now has an alternative focus. Actually, this is a win-win situation and the perfect opportunity to let fathers bond with their babies while mothers book a little time off to get a relaxing massage, or a new hairstyle. Enjoy every minute of whatever pampering experience is preferred ­– such moments build self-esteem and help post-natal recovery enormously.

4. Make allowances

This means developing a positive attitude to the changes that happen when a new baby arrives and is one of the key ingredients in overcoming loss of confidence. Put simply, it means realizing that it is okay not to be the “perfect mom” (whatever that is) from day one. Realistic and positive thinking instead of negative self talk will do wonders for flagging self respect, and is a great way to handle the changes and challenges that parenthood brings.

5. Make a date

Restore the romance in a relationship by setting aside a date night with a partner. With a babysitter booked, it is fun to indulge in a little glamorous lingerie – there is a huge selection of cheap corsets and bustiers available – and get dressed up even if this is for a simple dinner or a movie theater trip. It will boost self-esteem enormously and remind new mothers that they are real, fully rounded individuals, not just a hard working a mom 24/7.


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