Roof Repair versus Roof Replacement for Your Marietta Home

When homeowners have owned their properties for a considerable amount of time, or if they have purchased a preexisting home, there comes a point where roof inspections are required. During these roof inspections, you will be determining if there is a need for general roof repair or an extensive roof replacement. There are situations where a partial roof replacement is applicable, as well, but most contractors will suggest a full roof replacement for your home in Marietta.

General Exterior Inspection

If you are comfortable with height and getting up on a latter, then the general exterior inspection should not be a problem. Once you are up on the roof, look for areas of discoloration throughout the entire roof. This is especially true around the chimney and vent pipes. If you find dark spots are areas where it looks like mold has grown, peel up those shingles to see if there is any water or black mold underneath the underlayment and on the sheathing. If there are a lot of areas of rot, then you will need a complete roof replacement in Marietta. However, if there are only a few spots, you could justify roof repair.

Additional roof inspections include looking at the roof from ground level. Does it appear to sag or ripple when you look at it from the ground? Do you see areas in the shingles where they look like they are peeling upward? Does it look like any shingles are missing, chipping, or broken away? How does the peak of the roof look from the ground? Answers to these questions will also give you indications whether or not you should call in professionals like Bonner Built roof repair, for example, to work on your roof.

General Interior Inspection

You are going to need to enter your attic or crawl space with a flashlight to closely inspect the areas directly underneath your roof, around the chimney, and around the vent pipes. You will also be inspecting all the areas directly below the roof to see if any water has dripped or seeped downward from the roofline.

During the inspection, you are looking for black mold, wet areas, areas that were once wet and may have dried since a previous rainfall or wet season, and new mold growth. You are also looking for rotten areas, as well as any type of infestations that are drawn to moist areas like carpenter ants, for example. Even if your crawl space if tight and uncomfortable, it is important to get in there and move the insulation around to perform this inspection.

Final thoughts

In order to determine if a roof replacement is required, homeowners must have the interior and exterior of their roof inspected thoroughly for damages and rotten areas. The homeowner can perform these inspections themselves, or they can hire professionals such as Bonner Built roof repair to perform this type of work for them. That way they are certain nothing is missed during the inspection, and the estimate and work orders will be complete.

This article was written by Annie White.

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