Save Money On Your Flights

When you’re saving up for your family’s holiday, the most eye-watering expense generally tends to be the flights to get you where you want to go. Avoid paying more than you have to with these holiday saving tips.


Use The Internet

You’re probably well aware of how useful price comparison websites can be when it comes to finding quotes for your car insurance or checking out mobile phone deals, but did you know you can find great flight deals too? Before you commit to an airline, run a check online to find the cheapest tickets available to your destination of choice. Try out Travelsupermarket, Expedia or Skyscanner and look for a deal that fits your budget.


Try A Package Holiday

On certain trips, it tends to work out cheaper to book your hotels and flights separately so that you get the best bargain on each component of your holiday. However, there are times when package deals can be cheaper, especially if you’re going to a particularly popular destination, so don’t assume that these packages will necessarily work out too expensive. These often have the added benefit of including travel insurance built in.


Try Credit Card Freebies

There are many airlines out there that have their own credit cards, many of which come with freebie flights included if you sign up successfully for the card. Although you may still have to pay the taxes on the flight, it will still offer a substantial discount from the original cost. Just be sure that you repay the entire amount that you spend on the card in full as quickly as possible to avoid charges and fees getting racked up into unwanted debt.


Plan Ahead

One of the best ways to avoid paying too much on your flights is to book well in advance. Airlines push up the prices as the date of the trip gets closer, and you could end up paying far more if you leave things too late. Plan your holidays well in advance to make sure you’re grabbing the best deals.

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