Save on Fuel No Matter What Car You Drive

Owning and operating a car costs money, that’s all there is to it. The price you pay for a car is just the beginning. Regular maintenance like oil changes and tyre service along with an occasional repair are still just a part of it! You have to pay for insurance and you have to pay taxes in one form or another, not to mention fuel. You can put a lot of money into a car without thinking about it.

There are ways to minimise those costs. One area where you can save is in buying the least amount of petrol possible. How can you do that and still use your car?

Don’t exceed the speed limit, but don’t drive so slowly that you’re a menace to others. Keep up with the flow of traffic and you will avoid most sudden stops and starts that waste fuel.

When the engine is still turning and you apply the brakes, it continues to burn gas until it slows down of its own accord. Your car can be at a complete stop and the engine is still running hard. Slow down, then apply the brakes and let the engine slow along with the car.

Starting too quickly shoots fuel into the engine quicker than it can be burned. Not only is this fuel wasted, it can damage the engine.

Don’t let the engine remain idle for any length of time. Experts say five minutes is as long as it should idle for any reason. It’s not necessary to warm it up longer than that, no matter how cold the weather. It’s more comfortable for us to get into a car when the heater is warm, but fuel is wasted getting it to that temperature. If you have to sit in traffic or wait for any reason, turn the engine off until you can move again. It might feel strange, but unless you’re afraid the car won’t start again, it’s a sensible thing to do. Why burn petrol doing nothing?

Fill the tank early in the morning or when it’s cold. The reason is that petrol contracts with cooler temperatures and expands when it gets warm, so you will get more fuel for the same price when it’s cold.

Don’t carry excess weight in any form. Extra weight means that much more work for the engine and that means more fuel burned. Are you still carrying around last weekend’s game equipment? What about that box of clothes you’ve been meaning to drop off at the thrift store? Take them out and save money.

Another way to save on fuel is to simply drive less. It won’t hurt as much as you think. Instead of jumping in the car and driving a few blocks for a treat, get the family together and take a walk. Share rides with neighbours and coworkers whenever possible. You drive one time and they drive the next. That cuts that part of the cost of petrol in half for you.

Keep your car in good running condition. When the car is running rough or hard to start, it’s wasting gas, so keep it tuned up. The cost of a little work will be less than the cost of petrol over time and it will be easier on your nerves, too.  

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